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Guided Tours through the Special Exhibition ‘Dialogue with Origins’

Guided Tours of the Exhibition with Exhibitors

For hundreds of years, the people of the Großes Walsertal have wrested their lives, their culture and their labour from the unique nature and landscape of this valley. Over generations, people have been consciously and unconsciously moulded by their origins. The question of one's own identity and ancestry is important here, as the ‘unconscious’ of experiences over generations becomes conscious in the course of life.

The exhibition presents works by nine artists of different kinds who deal with their origins or their relationship to the Großes Walsertal.

Central to this is the work of Albert Rauch from Shclins (1908-1970), who was also active as an artist in the Großes Walsertal throughout his life. His works express a deep connection between man and nature. His works are accompanied by the work of other artists, all of whom are related to the family of Albert and Paula Rauch, née Matt. They deal with their relationship to the valley in their own individual ways.

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