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Brandnertal, Alpenstadt Bludenz, Klostertal, Biospährenpark Großes Walsertal - Vorarlberg
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Cycling and mountain biking tours starting from Bludenz

The most adventurous and beautiful tours starting in Bludenz

  • de:Radweg Walgau;

    Walgau cycle paths

    From Bludenz to Feldkirch

    From the Alpine town of Bludenz two cycle paths go through the Walgau. One route remains largely on the right of the Ill and leads through floodplain forests and meadows past the villages of Ludesch, Thüringen, Bludesch, Schlins and Satteins to Frastanz. The other one always stays near the left bank of the Ill and leads through the Tschalenga floodplain to Nenzing and through the Galina forest with its many quarry ponds to Frastanz. Between Nenzing and the ÖBB stop at Schlins the two routes are briefly identical. At Frastanz the paths join again and lead in a large arc through the Felsenau and after that along the main road through the Felsenau gorge into the town of Feldkirch.

  • de:Radweg Klostertal;

    Klostertal cycle paths

    From Bludenz to Klösterle am Arlberg along Alfenz river

    From Bludenz the path goes first along the Ill to Brunnenfeld. From the intersection at the motorway exit Bludenz-Montafon the Klostertal cycle path leads on the shaded side along the Alfenz into the valley. You go past Stallehr and cycle on the valley floor past Ausser- and Innerbraz. At Dalaas the valley becomes so narrow that the cycle path has to follow the main trunk road for a short distance; thanks to the Arlberg expressway this is not very busy. At the exit to the town you go on a small dirt track further along the Alfenz past Außerwald, the lower station of the Sonnenkopf cable car and Innerwald to Klösterle.

  • de:Radweg Montafon;

    Montafon cycle paths

    From Bludenz to Schruns

    From Bludenz the path goes first along the Ill to Brunnenfeld. From the intersection at the motorway exit Bludenz-Montafon you go on by-ways through Lorüns, then briefly along the main trunk road and following that along the shady side of the Ill into the valley. You go past Vandans and the large tail water reservoirs at the Rodund power station and reach the entrance to Schruns and Tschagguns. The cycle path continues to keep quite near to the Ill. Shortly before Galgenul it briefly touches the main road then you go back onto the valley floor. You pass St. Gallenkirch and Gortipohl and arrive at Gaschurn. The continuation of the path to Partenen is again along the main trunk road.

  • de:Mountainbiketour Rungelin;

    Mountainbiketour Rungelin

    Short panoramic round from Bludenz to the town area Rungelin

    This short panorama tour can easily be accomplished in the evening after other activities. It offers wonderful views over the Rätikon mountains and far into the Montafon. On the Montikel a picturesque picnic site tempts you to linger.

    Start at post office Bludenz uphill towards hospital choose right hand road. At the crossing turn right through beech forest uphill to picnic site on the Montikel. Make a small rest to view point on the cliff edge – then carry on left steeply uphill – after about 600m right (east) along the slope. From Rungelin mountain rather flat and partly downhill
    From Platzalma uphill again. At Lawis turn left - briefly very steep then more gentle. From the highest point down through the forest. At Gastastiegele choose the path that leads slightly left uphill. After Rungelin church right along the slope past the “Val Blu” experience spa From there return to starting point.

  • de:Mountainbiketour zur Alpe Els;

    Mountainbiketour Muttersberg - Alpe Els

    Von Bludenz über den Muttersberg zur Alpe Els

    The Muttersberg offers an impressive view over the Walgau, the Brandnertal and far into the Montafon. The Elsalpe lies below the well-known Gamsfreiheit which enables a great long-distance view into the Klostertal and a view of the Rote Wand.

    Route: Muttersbergbahn – Laz – Muttersberg – Tiefenseesattel – Elsalpe