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Brandnertal, Alpenstadt Bludenz, Klostertal, Biospährenpark Großes Walsertal - Vorarlberg
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Special themed walks and hikes in Vorarlberg

Paths to nature and paths to water give an insight into the region and its history.

Sunny Alps and imposing peaks are waiting to be discovered - on 800 km of marked footpaths. Climbing the mountains began very early in the region. As early as 1610 the Schesaplana - at 2965m the highest mountain in the Rätikon - was climbed for the first time. Today, each finds their own route - whether a climber, culinary walker or a family.

Highlights and theme paths in Brandnertal, Klostertal and Großen Walsertal

  • de:Natursprünge-Weg im Brandnertal;

    Natursprünge trail in the Brandnertal

    Natursprünge is the name of an interactive educational trail to open in June 2014 in Alpenregion Bludenz. This innovative trail was designed in cooperation with the inatura nature exhibition in Dornbirn. It caters to visitors of any age, offering a hands-on encounter with nature. In a playful manner, hikers learn about the formation of the Alps and about the vital functions of water and soil. At the different stations, they will find useful information about alpine fauna and flora, how forests are exploited, wild deer is looked after, and about alpine hazards.

    Starting point: Bergstation Panoramabahn
    Walking time: about 1 h

    > interactive map

  • Die Tierwelten entdecken

    Wildlife Trail Brandnertal

    Running from Alpe Parpfienz to Palüd, the trail which takes about 1.5 hours to cover, aims at raising children’s awareness of local wildlife. Interactive stations along the way hold interesting and fun activities in store for natural scientists of any age – hiding out in a marmot’s burrow, becoming part of the bees’ company or learning more about how owls and birds of prey live in the wild. Start out from the mountain terminals of either Dorfbahn or Palüdbahn.

    > interactive map

  • de:Barfußweg Brandnertal;

    Barefoot way | Brandnertal

    The barefoot way above the Dorfbahn mountain station in Brand is a true experience for the senses and above all for the family. How do the forest floor, moorland and meadow, stone and freshwater feel on the bare soles of the feet?  Experience your own senses and nature!
    A feeling and pleasure that many have not experienced yet when simply out walking.

    Starting point: Bergstation Dorfbahn
    Walking time: about 1 h

    > interactive map

  • de:Tiererlebnispfad Brandnertal;

    Animal experience path in Brand | Brandnertal

    A creative, sensory footpath with animals and play areas invites young and old to come into contact with nature. As such, children can try out their climbing skills in the goat enclosure, balance with the hens on a roosting beam, stroke the sheep and rabbits, or watch a newborn calf attempting to walk for the first time. Open stall areas are integrated into the guided path, in order to provide an insight into everyday farming life. Even insects have moved in to the insect hotel constructed here. In addition to animals, there is plenty of space for playing and experimenting along the way. An observation station provides a glimpse into an alluvial forest. "Nests" created here can be taken apart or modified depending on the animal, be it hedgehog or raven.  

    Starting time: Alvierbad
    Walking time: 1,5 h

    > interactive map

  • de:Märchen- und Sagenweg in Bürs;

    Fairytale and story path, Brandnertal

    The 1 km long fairytale and story path in Bürs requires around half an hour. Entertainment is provided by 6 stations, with the signposts telling of renowned fairy tales and stories from the region, as well as imparting information on the nature. "The honey bee", "the legend of Peterstein", "the frog king", "the fable of Schlössle Rosenegg" and "the tale of Schesaplana". Funny figures point the way. Resting spots with benches invite walkers to enjoy a snack and linger a while. A magical pleasure for large and small alike!

    Starting point: Center of Bürs
    Walking time: about 30 min.

    > interactive map

  • de:Walderlebnispfad Marul, Großes Walsertal;

    Forest Adventure Trail Marul | Großes Walsertal

    Two different circular trails offer plenty of variety and fun for the whole
    Family. Some of the highlights are a 300 year old elm, a barbecue area with hammocks, a suspension bridge, inforamtion about hunting and a log cabin you can build yourself as well as numerous information boards.

    Start: parking lot in Marul
    Path 1: Walking time about 1,5 h, 300 Hm
    Path 2: Walking time about 2 ¼ h, 450 Hm

    > interactive map

  • de:Klangraum Stein;

    KlangraumStein, Grosses Walsertal

    Klangraum, literally translated as sound space, is an interactive project that deals with nature and its sound landscape. Art installations line the hiking trail to the echo wall in Sonntag-Stein. There is seating furniture, a rocking chair or a lounger for visitors wishing to behold the scenery, to reflect or listen, a sound fall – an acoustic pavilion – to soak up a kaleidoscope of sounds, and the geometric design of the platform at the echo wall which amplifies the sound of musicians performing at this very spot.

    Starting point:
    Bergstation Seilbahnen Sonntag-Stein
    Walking time: about 1 h

    > interactive map

  • de:Alpen-Blumen-Lehrpfad in Faschina;

    Flower hiking trail | Großes Walsertal

    A unique diversity of plants you can find on the mountain Hahnenkopf in Faschina, between the central station, 1,780 m and the summit station, 1,865 m of the chairlift Stafelalpe. There are over more than 150 plant species under wihich some of them are fully protected. The signs and charts along the path are constantly being replaced and adapted to the current prime time.

    Starting point: Faschina (Mittelstation Stafelalpbahn)
    Walking time: 1 h

    > interactive map

  • de: KneippAktivWeg in Raggal;

    Kneipp Aktiv Weg Raggal | Großes Walsertal

    Along the circular path of the KneippAktivWeg in Raggal the five pillars of a good life are explained in a easy and playful way. In addition to various highlights such as a paddling basin, numerous Kneipp tubs, a barefoot path and wooden lounge chairs, the path is full of information panels about the 5 pillars founded by Kneipp. The path gives also an overall impression about the typical nature of the Großes Walsertal with its wide variety of local herbs.

    Starting time: Raggal
    Path 1: walking time about 2 h, length: 1,5 km
    Path 2:  walking time about 4 h

    > interactive maps

  • de:Weg der Sinne, Propstei St. Gerold;

    "Way of the senses - the way of silence" - Propstei St. Gerold | Großes Walsertal

    The "way of the senses - the way of silence" leads to lovingly landscaped ponds in the  forest surrounding the Probstei St. Gerold. It leads past the Geroldsruh, the Klosterweiher and the labyrinth and invites hikers to enjoy the natural silence and pure nature.

    Starting point: Propstei St. Gerold
    Walking time: about 1 h, good shoes are necessary

    > interactive map