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Brandnertal, Alpenstadt Bludenz, Klostertal, Biospährenpark Großes Walsertal - Vorarlberg
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Mountain tours. Mountain hikes in Vorarlberg

Climbing the mountains has a long tradition in the valleys Brandnertal, Klostertal, Bludenz and Großes Walsertal

The alpine mountain hiking tours we present you below are for hikers with alpine experience, for the sure footed and hikers free from giddiness.

The most beautiful mountain hikes and tours in the southern region of Vorarlberg

Schesaplana Circletour -  2 days with overnight stay | Brandnertal

Narrow mountain path from Palüdbahn passing Palüdbach and Glingabrunnen, a row of wells with an underground supply from the Brandner glacier. Path runs on into Zalimtal, passing Obere Brüggele Alpe via switchbacks to the Oberzalim Hütte. Via Leiberweg, sometimes over climbing routes blasted into the rock fac, on to Mannheimerhütte via the Brandnertal glacier (cleared & generally well passable) to Schesaplana. Descend to Totalphütte on a well-used path (caution snowfields in spring!) to Lünersee and on the Böser Tritt (or by Lünerseebahn) to Schattenlaganthütte. On foot or by bus (valley station) back to Brand.

Tipp: 1 day tour Schesaplana: Lünerseebahn, Totalphütte, Schesaplana and back the same way. Walking time about 5 h.

Length 20 km
Walking time
9 h
Starting height
1.000 m
Max. height
2.965 m
Height differential
1.965 m
Refreshments & restaurants:
Untere-Brüggele Alpe, Oberzalim Hütte, Mannheimerhütte, Totalphütte, Douglasshütte, Schattenlaganthütte
Public transport:
Landbus Linie 81, Haltestelle Innertal, Lünerseebahn
Parking options:
Auskünfte / Information:
Tourist Office Brandnertal +43 5559 555

de:Schesaplana, der höchste Berg im Rätikon; en:Schesaplana Circletour -  highest mountain of the Rätikon;

Schesaplana Circletour - highest mountain of the Rätikon

Gamsfreiheit | Bludenz

From the mountain station on alpine path to Tiefenseesattel. Fabulous view of Marul (Großes Walsertal), to the Kellaspitze opposite and Rote Wand. Continue on Elsalpe, across alpine pasture with a slight incline and up over dwarf pine slopes and the steep west flank to Gamsfreiheit. Somewhat steeper climb in the top section is worthwhile due to the unique view of the Rätikon with Zimba and Schesaplana, Silvretta,  Bregenzerwald, Klostertal, Montafon and Brandnertal. Descent as ascent.

waling time: 5 – 6 ½ h
Starting point: Bergstation Muttersbergbahn
Height: 1.402 m – 2.211 m
Refreshments & restaurants: Alpengasthof Muttersberg, Alpe Els

de:Gamsfreiheit - Gipfeltour in Bludenz,; en:Gamsfreiheit - summit tour in Bludenz, Vorarlberg; Vorarlberg

Gamsfreiheit - summit tour in Bludenz, Vorarlberg

Walserkamm | Großes Walsertal

With the Alpbus to Sentumalpe, from there on an almost flat trail to Plansott and Gaßner Alpe. Back to the valley on the service road, steadily downhill to the bus stop Außerberg. From there it is only a few minutes along the road to the Community Center of St. Gerold.

Tip: other walking directions on this hike are upt to the Gerenspitze 1,871 m with an additional walking time of 1 h 10 min or upt to theTälispitze 2,000 m with an additional 2 h walking time

Walking time: 3 ½ h
Refreshments & restaurants:: numerous alpine dairies and mountain restaurants on the way

de:Walserkamm im Großen Walsertal; en:Walserkamm | Großes Walsertal;

Walserkamm | Großes Walsertal

Muttjöchle - Kristberg | Klostertal

From the Sonnenkopfbahn mountain station passing small streams and Riedsee,  onward via alpine pastures to the summit. Descent to Scheidboden and through alpine woods to Kristberg. Either along the steep forest path or on the somewhat longer but easier service road down to Dalaas. Back to the starting point at Sonnenkopfbahn with overland bus line 90 from Dalaas, stop at Kristbergsaal.

Walking time: 4 h
Starting point: Bergstation Sonnenkopfbahn
Height: 1.841 m – 2.074 m
Refreshments & restaurants: Bergrestaurant Sonnenkopf, Knappastoba, Gasthof Kristberg

de:Muttjöchle - mit herrlichem Rundblick auf das Klostertal; en:Muttjöchle in the Klostertal;

Muttjöchle in the Klostertal