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A good choice for your holiday:
Alpenstadt Bludenz

  • 163 landlords and hosts
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

A good choice for your holiday:

  • 163 accommodations
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

A good choice for your holiday:

  • 163 landlords and hosts
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

A good choice for your holiday:
Biosphere reserve Großes Walsertal

  • 163 holiday properties
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

Rooms 1

General Terms and Conditions: Guest Cards

Applies to the various guest cards of the region

1. General remarks

1.1 It is expressly agreed that the following General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC) apply between the cardholder (hereinafter: Guest) and Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH (hereinafter: TVB) for the issuance and use of the guest card (hereinafter: Card). The Card is issued exclusively subject to these GTC, which apply as accepted upon the first use of the Card. Please read these terms carefully before using the Card.

1.2 Every landlord of accommodation in the region (hereinafter: Landlord) is obligated to TVB to point out the Card to the Guest registered according to the Registration Law of 1991 (“Meldegesetz”) – regardless of the length of his or her stay – and to issue it after the Guest has consented to the data processing. The Card is available free of charge to the Guest.

2. Validity

2.1 The Card is valid only if filled out completely and only after completed registration pursuant to the Registration Law of 1991, and only in combination with a photo ID. The Card is not transferable and may only be used by the person to which the Card is issued.

2.2 Valid Cards can be used in the respective season – summer 1 May – 31 October & winter 1 November – 30 April (hereinafter: Campaign Period). The Cards are valid respectively from the day of the Guest’s arrival until the day of departure (hereinafter: Period of Stay). After departure, the Cards will automatically lose their validity and they do not have to be voided by the Guest.

2.3 Depending on the service, they can be used multiple times during the Period of Stay. There is no general right to multiple use of a service.

3. Scope of the Card services

3.1 Each Guest is entitled to use the services designated for the Guest Card (hereinafter: Card Services) from the businesses listed in the information documents (card booklet, card folder, homepage http://www.alpenregion-vorarlberg.com/de/gaestekarten-der-region/gaestekarten-der-region.html) (hereinafter: Service Partners). You can read up on the included Card Services of the Service Partners and further information on the Card in the card booklet, the card folder and on the homepage.

3.2 TVB has the right to terminate agreements with Service Partners for good cause also during the validity period of the Card. These Service Partners will then no longer be obligated to accept the Cards and to perform the Card Services. Subject to Section 6.2, the Guest cannot derive any claims from this whatsoever against TVB or the Service Partners.

3.3 The prices indicated by the Service Partners in the card booklet and on the homepage http://www.alpenregion-vorarlberg.com/de/gaestekarten-der-region/gaestekarten-der-region.html are reference prices. They are understood including all taxes, charges and surcharges. Should the Service Partner change the prices, the Guest will not be entitled to actually receive the indicated price.

3.4 The discounted services cannot be combined with other special offers and discounts. However, it is up to the Guest to make use of the special offer that is more affordable for it. The offers of our Service Partners apply only for as long as supplies last. There is no general legal claim to the use of the services.

3.5 A Guest Card must be presented when the service is used for both participating children as well as participating adults.

4. Use of Card Services

4.1 The Guest acknowledges that the operating and opening hours of certain Service Partners do not cover the entire Campaign Period due to the season and that not all services might be used for this reason.

4.2 The Guest is obligated when using a Card Service to present the Card to the Service Partner without request. On request by the Service Partner, the Guest must furthermore present a valid photo ID. If the Guest cannot or does not want to do so, the service may be refused by the Service Partner.

4.3 Service Partners can refuse the Card Services for good reasons. Reasons for refusal are, in particular: occurrence of natural hazards and other cases of force majeure, maintenance work, dependencies on the weather, repairs, risk of own safety, danger to third parties, overcrowding of facilities, low participation, poor health condition of the Guest, inadequate equipment of the Guest, inadequate clothing of the Guest, violation of the Service Partner’s regulations, refusal of the presentation of a photo ID or similar reasons. In these cases, the Guest does not hold any claims of fulfilment or damage compensation against the Service Partners.

4.4 If a Card Service is used, a contract is effected (hereinafter: Service Contract) exclusively between the Guest and the respective Service Partner. Thus, also the GTC of Service Partners, if any, can become applicable.

4.5 TVB is not a party to the Service Contracts. Neither the Landlords nor the Service Partners are vicarious agents of TVB. The Guest, therefore, does not hold any claims against TVB, in particular, not any claims of fulfilment, warranty and damage compensation under the Service Contracts, and in particular no claims arising from non-performance or performance of Card Services by the Service Partners.

4.6 The Card does not include any insurance benefits whatsoever.

4.7 TVB does not act as an organiser.

5. Transfer loss and defect of the Card

5.1 The transfer of the Card is impermissible. In the event the Card is transferred, the Guest will also be liable for the abuse of the Card by third parties.

5.2 In case of abuse or suspicion of abuse, the Service Partners will be entitled and obligated to collect the Card without replacement and block it if necessary. In case of proven abuse or in case of a justified suspicion of abuse, a criminal complaint will be filed.

5.3 Theft or loss of the Card must be reported immediately to the Landlord or TVB. The Landlord or TVB can then issue a new Card. The lost Card will be blocked when a new Card is issued and it will lose its validity through this.

5.4 Defective Cars will be replaced by the Landlord or TVB.

5.5 In case of early departure, the Card will be blocked for the rest of the validity period.

6. Warranty and liability

6.1 TVB expressly does not extend any warranty that the Card Services of the Guest Card can in fact also be used with the Service Partners.

6.2 TVB merely extends the warranty that the Card Services of the Guest Card can be used on the conditions defined in these GTC during appropriate operating hours.

6.3 TVB is liable to the Guest only for intent and gross negligence. This limitation does not apply to personal injuries. If a broader liability exclusion is legally permissible in the individual case, this is hereby also agreed.

7. Miscellaneous

7.1 Verbal side agreements to these GTC do not exist. Any side agreements of whatever kind and any changes or amendments require the written form for validity. This also applies to any deviation from the requirement of the written form.

7.2 For all disputes arising from or in connection with the use and issuance of the Card, the exclusive applicability of Austrian law is agreed, to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and the Austrian reference standards.

7.3 Without prejudice to any compulsory legal provisions, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes between TVB and the Guest is agreed to be the substantively competent court for 6700 Bludenz. It is at the discretion of TVB to choose the nearest competent court at the place of the Guest’s residence as the place of jurisdiction.

7.4 If one or more of the provisions of these GTC are invalid, legally valid provisions shall be deemed expressly agreed between TVB and the Guest, which come closest to the economic purpose of the invalid provision. The validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected by an invalid provision.

8. Marketing measures and data protection in the context of raffles

8.1 Participation in a raffle is confirmed by dropping off or handing in the Guest Card and the participant confirms to have read the terms of participation and his/her acceptance of these terms without limitations.

8.2 The organiser of the raffle is Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH.

8.3 Legal recourse is excluded. The winners will be notified in writing. No correspondence can be held about the raffle.

8.4 Persons below the age of 18 years and employees of Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH or its partner businesses are excluded from participating in the raffle. Admitted are all Guests who hold a valid Guest Card that has been issued correctly in the course of the electrical registration.

8.5 Entry cut-off
Brandnertal Card: The cut-off for participation in the drawing of the winter raffle by dropping off the Guest Card is the last day of the month in all cases. The drop-off stations are always emptied after one month. They will then be available until the following month. There are three drawings overall, which are made retroactively for January, February and March.
Bludenz-Klostertal-Arlberg Card: The cut-off for participation in the drawing of the winter raffle by dropping off the Guest Card is the end of the winter season. The drop-off stations are emptied after the winter season. There is one drawing that will be made for the previous winter season.

8.6 The participant declares his/her explicit consent to the data protection provisions (https://www.vorarlberg-alpenregion.at/de/informationen-ueber-cookies-und-datenschutz.html) of Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH. He/She also consents to the personal data transmitted by him/her being stored electronically and agrees that these data can also be transferred to third parties in the context of processing the winning. Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH expressly points out that all customer-related data may also be used for direct marketing purposes such as newsletters or mailings. Your consent to the data storage and use can be revoked at any time by email.

8.7 The winners will be determined at random and Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH will draw and inform the winners. The prizes are not transferable. Any forms of exchanges are excluded. Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH reserves the right to exchange the prizes made available as winnings for such of equal value or higher value, also without a statement of reason while changes in the colours also remain reserved.

To the legally permissible extent, Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH excludes any warranty and liability for claims relating to the drawing and the drawn prizes in relation to the raffle participants and winners. Moreover, Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH does not accept any liability for potential technical difficulties that might affect the end result of the raffle or the participation in the raffle.

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