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2 adults

A good choice for your holiday:
Alpenstadt Bludenz

  • 163 landlords and hosts
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

A good choice for your holiday:

  • 163 accommodations
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

A good choice for your holiday:

  • 163 landlords and hosts
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

A good choice for your holiday:
Biosphere reserve Großes Walsertal

  • 163 holiday properties
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

Rooms 1


Safety measures Corona/Covid-19

For your safety (16.03.2021)

Dear guests,

health is an absolute priority in these challenging times. That is why we do everything to make your stay safe. We welcome you - without a hug or handshake, but with a lot of warmth. You will feel our smile - also with the mouth and nose protection. And we keep our distance - as the greatest expression of appreciation. We are capitalizing on these and many other measures in these times. For you and us. Together, we will do it.

We are looking forward to welcoming you very soon!

Of course our businesshotels are open for business travelers.

What should you watch out for regarding Corona during your vacation?

Our hosts and service providers are fully informed and have taken measures to make your stay safe. But we also ask you to contribute to the security in the region with your behavior.

  • Keep a distance of at least 2 meter from strangers.
  • It is compulsory to wear mouth and nose protection if you can not keep this distance.
  • A FFP2 mask is obligatory in shops, restaurants and public transport.
  • In all shops 20m²/ customer is obligatory.
  • Avoid body contact.
  • Wash hands several times a day and disinfect well.
  • Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief.
  • If you suspect an infection, call health number 1450.
  • Special service providers close together (eg. hairdresser, etc.): A negativ PCR or antigen test + FFP2 mask is obligatory.
  • Gastronomy: A negativ PCR or antigen test + FFP2 mask is obligatory.

Safe hospitality


The federal government and the federal states are taking extensive measures to support tourism and to position our destination as a safe holiday destination. Your health has been our top concern since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic (Sars-CoV-2 pandemic).


Bei Symptomen

If you suspect an infection, call health number 1450.

Vorarlberg has sufficient test capacities; you as a guest also have the option at any time to be tested without symptoms (on your own costs). For more information please ask your host.

Exit & entry regulations

Anreise mit dem Zug

Foreign Ministry:

Ministry of Interior:

More information concerning entry and exit regulations you will find here.

Entry regulation from January 15, 2021

Quarantine - unchanged:
If you travel to Austria from abroad, a 10-day quarantine after entry is obligatory, if you have stayed in a risk area 10 days before. There are no entry restrictions for countries without a corona risk. These are: Australia, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Vatican.

NEW: The free testing after 5 days out of quarantine (as valid until now) is cancelled. A 10-day quarantine with subsequent negative test must be observed.
For children, free testing applies from the age of 10.

Entry form (pre-travel clearance) - new from January 15, 2021:
All persons who enter Austria on or after January 15, 2021 must - if no exception applies - register online BEFORE entering Austria using the following links:
German - here
English - here

Please bring the confirmation in printed form or on your mobile device when entering the country.

Instead of online registration, the new registration forms can also be filled out and carried along:

All questions and answers about pre-travel clearance can be found here.

The purpose of pre-travel clearance is to get necesary information from people entering from risk areas - in particular for tracking contact persons. Systematic or random border controls take place. Delays at the border when entering Austria must be expected.

NEW: Commuters must also register and present a negative PCR or antigen test.



Accommodation must remain closed until probably Easter (beginning of April).*

Accommodation for professional purposes (urgent travels only) is permitted during the lockdown. For more information please ask the hosts directly. You must bring a letter from the company confirming that the guest accommodation is for professional reasons. Quarantine is not necessary when entering for professional purposes (not regularly). Requirement: medical certificate of a negative PCR test or antigen test that is not older than 72 hours).

Find open businesshotels - click here.

* with restrictions depending on the situation.

Second home owners as well as campers with permanent parking spaces are allowed to use their accommodation, but the current entry regulations (quarantine rules) must also be taken into account here. Allowing friends or relatives to use your holiday apartment for a fee or free of charge is NOT permitted. Both guests and landlords can be penalized.



As of 15/03/2021 restaurants are allowed to reopen in Vorarlberg with the following regulations:

- Hospitality in closed rooms and outdoors possible
- 2 meters distance between tables
- Per table max. 4 adults from max. 2 households plus underaged children OR a common household
- FFP2 mask obligation except for consumption of food and beverages
- Guests must be registered
- entry only with valid PCR test (valid for 72h) or antigen test (valid for 48h) or an antigen self-test, obligatory for children aged 10 and over
- also many establishments offer a pick-up and/or delivery service.

Please order in advance or reserve a table.

An overview of all open restaurants can be found here.
Alpenstadt Bludenz and Nüziders
Großes Walsertal

Public transport & mountain railways

Bus in Brand Winter

Cable cars, gondolas and lifts are allowed to open with a capacity restriction of 50% (closed gondolas) can also be used for leisure purposes. Mouth and nose protection must be worn in all waiting areas and cable cars/ gondolas. In covered waiting areas, closed gondolas or lifts with a bubble (cover), an FFP2 mask is mandatory*.

More information:
Safety measures Railways Brandnertal
Safety measures Railways Sonnenkopf

* In detail: In closed or coverable vehicles (gondolas, cabins, coverable armchairs) and in closed access areas of cable cars and railways, from the age of 14, a protective class FFP2 mask (FFP2 mask) without an exhalation valve or an equivalent mask/ a mask corresponding to a higher standard is to be worn.

In addition, the operators of cable cars and rack and pinion railways must develop and implement a state-of-the-art Covid 19 prevention concept based on a risk analysis to minimize the risk of infection (in particular, the following points should be included: specific hygiene regulations, rules on how to behave in the event of SARS Cov-2 infection, risk analysis and regulations regarding the use of sanitary facilities).

In other public transport (bus, train) a mouth-nose-protection must be worn. From 25/01/2021 a FFP2 mask is obligatory.

In general:

  • Mouth and nose protection (basic MNP or FFP2 mask, details see above) must be worn in all waiting areas (not on the open slopes).
  • Keep a sufficient distance (at least 1 meter) from strangers
  • Pay contactless if possible
  • In some cases there are cash machines and lift tickets can be booked in advance contactlessly in the online shop.

Free time activities


All leisure activities are continuously adapted to the situation and the currently applicable regulation.

- Entering leisure facilities such as fitness studios, indoor swimming pools, etc. is prohibited.
- Outdoor sport is allowed. Nevertheless, contact sports (soccer, etc.) are prohibited, except for the youth (testing).
- Animal parks, museums and libraries are open (FFP2 mask is obligatory).
- Events indoor and outdoor are allowed again (max. 100 persons, except weddings). Therefore, also concerts, cinemas and theaters may open again. Details you will find under "Events".



Events, indoor and outdoor, are allowed again (except weddings). Maximum 100 persons or maximum 50% of the capacity, registration is mandatory. Also, a negative antigen- or PCR-test is necessary, an FFP2 mask has to be worn also on the seat. Closing time 20:00.

Test options (PCR / antigen test)

Weekly test stations
The weekly test stations offered by the mobile Covid test service:

■ Wednesday, 10:00 - 12:00, Brand, community hall
■ Wednesday, 13:30 - 14:00, Klösterle, community center

Testing guests and other persons
Guests and other people can also be tested for a fee at these test stations. Registration for self-payers here.

Tests in the accommodation
From 10 people, PCR tests are offered directly in your accommodation by the mobile Covid-Test-Service. Please contact your accommodation provider directly for more information.

Rapid antigen tests
Rapid antigen tests can be carried out for a fee in the weekly test stations mentioned above from the mobile Covid-Test-Service, or in other testing stations in the whole country:

Vorarlberg Testet

Information about the current situation:

Current situation:


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