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A good choice for your holiday:
Alpenstadt Bludenz

  • 163 landlords and hosts
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

A good choice for your holiday:

  • 163 accommodations
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

A good choice for your holiday:

  • 163 landlords and hosts
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

A good choice for your holiday:
Biosphere reserve Großes Walsertal

  • 163 holiday properties
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

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Safety measures Corona/Covid-19

For your safety (last update 20/09/2021)

Dear guests,

health is an absolute priority in these challenging times. That is why we do everything to make your stay safe. We welcome you - without a hug or handshake, but with a lot of warmth. You will feel our smile - also with the mouth and nose protection. And we keep our distance - as the greatest expression of appreciation.

And in order to plan, book and look forward to your summer vacation without worries, we offer you the possibility of flexible cancellation conditions with
our Carefree-Booking-Campaign for the summer.

We are capitalizing on these and many other measures in these times. For you and us. Together, we will do it!

What should you watch out for regarding Corona during your vacation?

Our hosts and service providers are fully informed and have taken measures to make your stay safe. But we also ask you to contribute to the security in the region with your behavior.

Below you will find all the information on the current regulations.

In general

  • FFP2 mask obligation in certain areas: From 15/09/2021, the FFP2 mask requirement will apply in those areas where mouth-nose-protection must already be worn, for example in public transport or in the supermarket. FFP2 mask is mandatory in other shops for unvaccinated, recommended for vaccinated.
  • Avoid body contact and wash hands several times a day and disinfect well.
  • Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief.
  • If you suspect an infection, call health number 1450.

NEW: Winter vacation 2021/22 - this are the rules

Together with the Ministry of Health, "winter rules" were developed for a safe and successful season. For Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger is clear: "This year there will be a winter season! Strict rules, safe winter. That is our motto for a safe winter season."

What is clear is that those who get vaccinated now will have access to all areas (lift, guesthouse, concert, cinema) in winter.

The measures for a safe winter season are summarized briefly & compactly here:

More detailed and continuously updated information - as well as the future guideline of the winter rules - will soon be available on this platform: www.sichere-gastfreundschaft.at (German only).

Currently, there are still some open questions, such as hotel tests still possible, implementation locations for PCR tests, control at the cable cars, etc.. As soon as this information is available, we will provide it immediately on this page.

Safe hospitality


The federal government and the federal states are taking extensive measures to support tourism and to position our destination as a safe holiday destination. Your health has been our top concern since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic (Sars-CoV-2 pandemic).

www.sichere-gastfreundschaft.at (German only)


Bei Symptomen

If you suspect an infection, call health number 1450.

Vorarlberg has sufficient test capacities. You as a guest also have the option at any time to be tested without symptoms (details to the testing options you will find below). For more information please ask your host.

Exit & entry regulations

Quarantine regulations will apply according to the ECDC map for risk areas:

Green/Yellow/Orange: free entry.
Red: no quarantine if people are tested, vaccinated or recovered.
Dark red: entry only for tested, recovered or vaccinated and quarantine (free testing after 5 days).

Proofs, registration & important tips:

  • Entry for tested, vaccinated or recovered persons. Details can be found in the next point.
  • We recommend to organize a Corona test shortly before departure (if you are not already vaccinated or recovered).
  • If the test is positive before departure, the free Corona cancellation insurance of Vorarlberg Tourism also applies. Every trip to Vorarlberg is automatically insured in summer 2021. You can find more information here.
  • Registration before entry is just necessary in some cases. More information you will find here.
  • Inform yourself in time about the most important regulations in Vorarlberg.

As for the return travel we kindly ask you to check the individual regulations of your country of origin.

Helpful links:
Interactive travel plan: https://reopen.europa.eu/en/
Foreign Ministry Austria: https://www.bmeia.gv.at/
Germany: www.auswaertiges-amt.de
Switzerland: www.bag.admin.ch

"Tested, Vaccinated or Recovered" & the Green Passport

The following credentials will authorize entry to restaurants, tourism- and recreation establishments and events:

Tested (Authority-approved negative test results for the specified time period):

  • Proof from an authorized body of a negative PCR test result (validity: 72 hours from sample acceptance).
  • Proof from an authorized body (test lane, pharmacy, etc.) of a negative result of an antigen test (validity: 24 hours from sample acceptance).
  • Evidence of an antigen test for self-testing recorded in an official data processing system (validity: 24 hours).
  • Point-of-sale-testing: Self-testing under supervision at a facility, but valid only for the duration of the individual stay/access.

Proof of vaccination:

  • Since 15/08/2021 a proof of vaccination is valid from the day of your second vaccination.
  • For vaccinations where only one vaccination is scheduled, it counts as proof beginning on day 22.
  • Second vaccination is valid as proof for twelve months from the initial vaccination.


  • Certificate of segregation if issued for a person who has been shown to be ill with SARS-CoV-2 in the six months prior to the scheduled testing.
  • Physician confirmation of molecularly confirmed infection that has occurred in the last six months and is currently expired.
  • Proof of neutralizing antibodies (antibody test), which must not be older than three months.

Green passport

From 15/08/2021, the certificate for the Green Passport will be issued only after complete immunization. The certificate will be issued from the day of the 2nd vaccination. The regulations for persons vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson and for recovered and tested remain unchanged.


Please note the following regulations for your stay:

  • 3G: Admission for tested, vaccinated and recovered persons (details see above)
  • Registration obligation
  • In the pure accommodation (without gastronomy or service) an entry test is sufficient for the entire stay.
  • If catering is offered (breakfast, other meals, hotelbar etc.) is offered, gastronomy rules apply.
  • The regulations for the wellness-business are analogoue to wellness-leisure facilities.
  • Each accommodation facility must draw up a prevention concept and appoint a COVID 19 officer.
  • The same rules apply to hotel gastronomy as to gastronomy in general.


We are also looking forward to pamper you again with culinary delights!

Please note the following regulations for your visit:

  • 3G: Admission for tested, vaccinated and recovered persons (details see above)
  • Registration obligation for stay longer than 15 minutes (does not apply for take-away or delivery service).
  • Self-service buffets may be operated under hygiene conditions.
  • Every catering establishment must draw up a prevention concept and appoint a COVID 19 officer.
  • Employees won't need a mask, if tested, vaccinated or recovered.

Public transport & mountain railways

The following regulations apply to mountain railroads and public transport:

  • Mask obligation apply in public transport, closed cable car cabins and in shipping.
  • Mouth-nose-protections are mandatory in the access and approach area as well as in closed gondolas, cabins and coverable chairlifts.
  • From 15/09/2021 a FFP2 mask is obligatory.
  • No proof of vaccination, test or survived illness is required.
  • An overview of all measures taken by Austrian cable cars can be found here. (German only)
  • If possible, pay contactless. In some cases, automatic pay stations are available and tickets can be booked in advance contactless in the online store.
  • The regulations for mountain gastronomy are identical to the regulations for gastronomy in the valley (see above).

Free time activities

Recreational facilities (climbing gardens, golf courts, etc.) may reopen under certain conditions.

Please note the following regulations for this:

  • 3G: Admission for tested, vaccinated and recovered persons (details see above)
  • Registration obligation. No registration necessary, if mainly outdoors (e.g. zoo).
  • Every leisure facility must draw up a prevention concept and appoint a COVID 19 officer.


The following regulations apply:

Indoor sports facilities:

  • 3G: Admission for tested, vaccinated and recovered persons (details see above)
  • Registration obligation

Outdoor sports facilities:

  • Sports are permitted in team sizes customary to the sport.
  • A current test must be presented for contact and team sports.

All sports facilities:

  • Each sports facility (indoor and outdoor) must develop a prevention plan and appoint a COVID-19 officer.
  • The event regulations (notification/permit requirement) apply to any spectators at sports venues, but not to the sporting activity itself.

Amateur sports in public areas may take place in groups of the usual size for the type of sport, but no more than 10 people.

Events, fairs, congresses, cinema

Events will be possible under certain conditions.

Please observe the following regulations for this:


  • In general, the rules of the organizer must be followed.
  • Obligation to notify as of 100 persons, obligation to obtain a permit as of 500 persons
  • 3G-proof from 25 persons

2G-proof: Since 22/07/2021 access to night clubs is limited to vaccinated individuals and those with a current negative PCR test result (72 hours). Also, registration is necessary.

Test options

Antigen- and PCR-tests

Throughout Vorarlberg, antigen rapid tests as well as PCR tests are offered at numerous test stations, some free of charge and some for a fee.
Below you will find a list of test stations in our region which guests can use.

Testing stations for guests (German only)

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