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2 adults

A good choice for your holiday:
Alpenstadt Bludenz

  • 163 landlords and hosts
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

A good choice for your holiday:

  • 163 accommodations
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

A good choice for your holiday:

  • 163 landlords and hosts
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

A good choice for your holiday:
Biosphere reserve Großes Walsertal

  • 163 holiday properties
  • 34 lifts and cable cars
  • 123 kilometers of pistes
  • Pure nature

Rooms 1


Safety measures Corona/Covid-19

for your safety (19.10.2020)

Dear guests,

health is an absolute priority in these challenging times. That is why we do everything to make your stay safe. We welcome you - without a hug or handshake, but with a lot of warmth. You will feel our smile - also with the mouth and nose protection. And we keep our distance - as the greatest expression of appreciation. We are capitalizing on these and many other measures in these times. For you and us. Together, we will do it.

What should you watch out for regarding Corona during your vacation?

Our hosts, restaurateurs and service providers are fully informed and have taken measures to make your stay safe. Please also contribute to security in the region with your behavior.

  • Keep a distance of at least 1 meter from strangers.
  • It is compulsory to wear mouth and nose protection.
  • Avoid body contact
  • Wash hands several times a day and disinfect well.
  • Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief.
  • If you suspect an infection, call health number 1450.

Safe hospitality


The federal government and the federal states are taking extensive measures to support tourism and to position our destination as a safe holiday destination. Your health has been our top concern since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic (Sars-CoV-2 pandemic).

We have been able to guarantee this in Vorarlberg over the past few months with weekly tests by more than 2,000 tourism employees and comprehensive protective measures in the companies.


Bei Symptomen

If you suspect an infection, call health number 1450.

Vorarlberg has sufficient test capacities; you as a guest also have the option at any time to be tested without symptoms (based on cost: € 45). Registration here.

Exit & entry regulations and measures

Foreign Ministry:

Ministry of Interior:



- The basic rule of a minimum distance of 1 meter still applies.

- The same provisions apply to the catering area of ​​the accommodation as to catering establishments.

- If special hygienic precautions have been taken, buffets may be offered to overnight guests.

- Guests of accommodation establishments and campsites (insofar as these are accommodation guests with overnight stays) can now also consume after 10 p.m. (Curfew at 01:00 am)

- Wellness areas may be used if companies organize their distance and hygiene measures.

- Wearing mouth and nose protection in generally accessible indoor areas, in the wellness area (except for wet rooms such as showers, swimming pools) and in the fitness room (except when exercising).

- Shelters - shared dormitories may be used under the following conditions: Overnight stays (dormitories or shared dormitories) are permitted if there is a distance of two meters from people who do not live in the same household; or the risk of infection can be minimized through suitable protective measures for spatial separation. Accommodation only with your own upholstery and sleeping bag (light down or summer sleeping bag - no blankets are available!). When making your reservation, please ask about the current regulations of the respective hut.



- If possible, reserve the table in advance.

- Preferably pay the bill by card.

- Keep a distance of 1 meter outside your own group of people.

- A maximum of 6 people at one table.

- Bar operations at the counter are not permitted. (No consumption in the immediate vicinity of the issuing point.)

- Administration areas (standing or sitting areas intended for the enjoyment of food or drinks) must be set up in such a way that there is a one-meter distance between groups of visitors.

- No items at the table that are shared by customers.

- Buffets are generally permitted under certain conditions.

- Wear mouth and nose protection in closed rooms except while staying at the administration area.

- In the indoor area, food and drinks may only be consumed while sitting at the administration point.

- From September 25th there is general curfew at 10:00 p.m.

- The limit of 10 p.m. also applies to the serving of food and drinks at events, as well as specialist and public fairs.

Public transport & mountain railways

Bus in Brand Winter

Please note that mouth and nose protection must be worn on the mountain railways.

Please note that mouth and nose protection must also be worn on public transport.

Tip: Our guest card includes public transport (bus & train)!

Free time activities


Despite Corona, our leisure facilities in the Bludenz Alpine region such as the tennis facilities, golf courses, playgrounds, climbing parks and much more. their services.

At tennis facilities, golf courses and much more. please reserve the seats in advance.

Please note that mouth and nose protection must also be worn here.



At all events and private gatherings without seat allocation, only the following numbers of people are allowed:
- indoor max. 6 adults (plus minor children)
- outdoor max. 12 adults (plus minor children)
This regulation applies in restaurants, yoga courses, dance schools, weddings, birthday parties, club halls, etc.

Professional events (officially approved events) are reduced as follows:
- indoor max. 1,000 people
- outdoor max. 1,500 people

Mouth and nose protection must be worn if the minimum distance of 1 meter cannot be maintained.

Information about the current situation:

Current situation:


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