Schnifis Cable Car

Schnifis Cable Car

Brandnertal, Bludenz, Klostertal GästekarteBrandnertal, Bludenz, Klostertal Gästekarte
Included in guest card

With the Brandnertal, Bludenz, Klostertal Guest Card the ride with the cable car replacement service is free of charge.

Enjoy the sunny side of the Walgau region on the Dünserberg after a 6-minute ride with the Schnifis Cable Car. During a following hike you can really switch off, enjoy the view and recharge your batteries. The operating times can be changed at short notice due to Corona.

The cable car is not in operation until November 2022 due to irreparable damage to the supporting cable! Line 75 A operates every 2 hours between Schnifis and Dünserberg. See timetable line 75 A. From the Dünserberg Boden stop it is a 35-minute walk to the Hensler without effort.

The "Henslerstüble" at the cable car mountain station is open during the operating hours of the cable car.