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Brandnertal - Vorarlberg
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Mountainbike tours in the Brandnertal

In and around the Brandnertal there are a lot of bike- and mountainbike routes of all degrees of difficulty and at all altitudes.

All mountainbike routes you'll find on the interactive mountainbike guide with a  detailed description, important informations and facts, as well as an altitude profile and pictures.

Interactive Mountainbike Guide


Mountainbike routes in the Brandnertal:

en:Mountainbike routes in the Brandnertal;

Mountainbike routes in the Brandnertal

  • en:Loischkopftour;


    Loischkopf Tour

    for beginners

    The ride to the Loischkopf is easy to tackle and offers a great panoramic view over the Walgau, the Alpine town of Bludenz and far into the Klostertal. The Ronaalpe is a favourite meeting place for walkers and cyclists and offers tasty Alpine products.

    Route: Bürserberg Kirche – Gemeindeamt Bürserberg – Tschengla Straße – Einhornbahn II Talstation – Kohlgrubenweg – Richtung Burtscha – Faregg – Bergstation Loischkopfbahn – Faregg – Alte Stattweg – Alpe Rona – Hotel
    Dunza – Steinkreise – Monteschil – Ausserberg – Bürserberg
    Length: 22,4 km
    Start: Bürserberg
    Height differential: 950 m
    Highest point: 1.808 m

  • de:Brandnertal Rundtour;en: Brandnertal Tour;

    Brandnertal Tour

    Brandnertal Tour

    for advanced cyclists

    This circular tour offers great views over the Alpine town of Bludenz. At first you go along the side of the valley onto the Tschengla, then past the imposing Schesa-Murenabbruch and finally to the Parpfienz Alpe. Carry on down to Brand and next to the Alvierbach back to Bürs again.

    Route: Bürs – Bürserberg-Ausserberg – Monteschil – Steinkreise – Hotel Dunza – Alpe Rona – Burtschaweg – Burtschasattel – Faregg – Alpe Parpfi enz – Dorfbahn Bergstation – Eggaweg – Dorfbahn Talstation – bei Galaferda zum Alvierbach – Bürs
    Length: 30 km
    Start: Bürs Ortsmitte
    Height differential: 1.250 m
    Highest point: 1.672 m

  • en:Nenzing - Tschengla;

    Nenzing - Tschengla

    Nenzing - Tschengla

    for advanced cyclists

    The Nenzingerberg is a rather gently ascending ridge ending on a head to the north of the Mondspitze. From the highest point at Klampera Fürkele you have a fantastic view over the Rhine Valley and on the other side towards Bludenz.

    Route: Nenzing - Stellfeder - Nenzingerberg - Klampera Fürkele -  Parpfienzsattel - Burtschasattel - Tschengla - Nenzing
    Length: 35 km
    Start: Bürserberg
    Height differential: 1.300 m
    Highest point: 1.715 m