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Brandnertal - Vorarlberg
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Mountain tours in the Brandnertal

Challenging tours to huts and summits in the Brandnertal

Interactive hiking guide

Each finds their own route - whether a climber, culinary walker or a family. Discover the region interactive - explore hiking-tours, alps and tips in addition to the tours dynamically.


Most beautiful mountain tours in the Brandnertal:




  • en:Lindauer Hut;

    Lindauer Hut

    Lindauer Hut


    Walking time: 8,5 h
    Starting Point: Village centre
    Refreshment: Douglass Hütte, Lünersee Alpe, Lindauerhütte

    Footpath from Brand to Lünerseealpe via Böser Tritt (steep climb) to Doulgasshütte (tip: By bus and Lünserseebahn save 3.5 h). From Doulgasshütte to Lünserseealpe via Verajöchle - Schweizer Tor up to the Öfapass - path down to the Lindauerhütte. Out of the valley towards Latschau - from here by post bus to Schruns - Montafonerbahn to Bludenz post bus to Brand.


  • en:Nenzinger Himmel;

    Nenzinger Himmel

    Brand - Amatschonjoch - Nenzinger Himmel


    Walking time: 7 h
    Starting Point: Mountain Station Dorfbahn

    After ascending with the Dorfbahn the path leads across the open, elongated spine of the Gulma through the Palüd region to Amatschonjoch. With good visibility there is a wonderful all-round view! The path is steep and narrow as it descends to Alpe Setsch (careful when wet and with snow fields, which sometimes occur in the spring), continue on the alpine path into the delightfully located summer village of Nenzinger Himmel. Return via Alpe Setsch - Amatschonjoch - to the Dorfbahn Brand.


  • en:Lünersee;


    Schesaplana Tour (2 days)


    Walking time: 9 h
    Starting Point: Brand Innertal
    Refreshment: Brüggele Alpe, Oberzalim-, Mannheimer-, Toatlp-, Douglasshütte

    Narrow mountain path from Palüdbahn passing Palüdbach and Glingabrunnen, a row of wells with an underground supply from the Brandner glacier. Path runs on into Zalimtal, passing Obere Brüggele Alpe via switchbacks to the Oberzalim Hütte. Via Leiberweg, sometimes over climbing routes blasted into the rock face, on to Mannheimerhütte via the Brandner glacier (cleared & generally well passable ) to Schesaplana. Descend to Totalphütte on a well-used path (caution snowfields in spring!) to the Böser Tritt (or by Lünerseebahn) to Schattenlaganthütte. On foot or by bus (valley station) back to Brand.

  • en:Zimbajoch - Lünersee;

    Zimbajoch - Lünersee

    Zimbajoch - Lünersee


    Walking time: 9 h
    Starting Point: Village centre Brand
    Refreshment: Sarotla-, Heinrich-Hueter-, Douglass-, Schattenlagant Hütte

    Walking route from Brand village centre to Bludenz. Path bends right in steep turns into Sarotlatal, up to Saroltahütte. Path leads from here over rocky ground to the Zimbajoch (2.387 m ). Very steep path in zig-zags (rocky terrain) down to the Heinrich-Hueter-Hütte. Down to Saulajoch, across Saulajochsteig upward and crossing multiple gullies towards Lünerseestaumauer and on to Douglasshütte. Onward on the Böser Tritt (or with the Lünerseebahn) to Schattenlaganthütte and on foot or by bus (valley station) to Brand.

  • en:Mondspitze;




    Walking time: 4.5 h
    Starting Point: Parkingarea Tschengla
    Refreshment: Alpe Rona, Alpe Furkla

    From the walker´s car park (Tschengla) to Alpe Rona in just a few minutes. Onward, partly through woodlands, across alpine meadows, towards Mondspitze. After Furkla Alpe turn right on the service road, which leads to Klampera Sätteli. From Sätteli somewhat rocky and slightly more difficult up to the peak. Descent to the south west, towards Schillersattel. Here head left on walking path downwards, twice crossing the service road to Klampera Sätteli. Then follow this and descend across a meadow directly to Tschengla.


  • en:Zalimtal;


    Amatschonjoch - Hirschseele - Spusagang - Oberzalim


    Walking time: 7 h
    Starting Point: Mountain Station Dorfbahn
    Refreshment: Oberzalim Hütte

    Ride up with the Dorfbahn, walk via Gulmasteig to Amatschonjoch, on to Alpe Setsch, then a steep climb to Spusagang-Scharte. Tour then leads on the Oberzalim Hütte. Return heads via Oberzalimweg to Brand.