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Brandnertal - Vorarlberg
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Season ticket ski resort Montafon Brandnertal

297 km pists, 79 facilities and lots of fun on the pists during the whole winter season!

Winter operating periods Brandnertal:
Start of season 08.12.2017
End of season 02.04.2018

  • Prices season ticket Montafon Brandnertal

    Winter 2017/18

      Sales period (01.08.-08.12.2017) Sales period (from 09.12.2017)
    Adults 479,00 643,00
    Adult - ticket from monday to friday 383,00 514,00
    Seniors 456,00 611,00
    Seniors - ticket from monday to friday 364,00 489,00
    Kids 180,00 243,00

    Prices family season ticket Montafon Brandnertal

    Winter 2017/18

       1 Adult + all kids
     2 Adults + all kids
    Family season ticket Montafon Brandnertal
    Pre sale (01.08.-08.12.2017)
     579,00  1.058,00    
    Family season ticket Montafon Brandnertal
    Sales period (from 09.12.2017)
    777,00 1.420,00    

    Age limits (subject to ID)
    Bambini: 2012 or younger - free (with a billet)
    Children: 1999 or younger
    Seniors I: Born in or before 1953

    Start of season
    Weekend operations in November as well as later (partially restricted) cableway start-up are possible.

    End of season
    02.04.2018 - operation may end earlier depending on the weather.

    *Pedestrian Season Pass   
    The Pedestrian Season Pass allows pedestrians to use all major cableways in the Montafon ski areas, Brandnertal, Gurtis, Bazora, Schnifis including the Muttersbergbahn in Bludenz/Nüziders.

    **Family pass     
    Parents (dads and mums) as well as juniors and children who live in a shared household receive the family pass. Either the family pass or valid IDs must be provided as verification. The family rate is granted when all passes are purchased together and at the same time. The oldest junior or child pays, whilst all additional juniors or children go free. Each family member must buy a data carrier (Montafon Card) for € 5 if he/she does not have one already.

    Monday-Friday Pass     
    The Monday-Friday Pass is only valid on weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), even if it is a holiday.

    ***Bambini Card     
    Children born in 2012 or younger may wish to purchase a bambini card to 50.00 Euros.

    The purchase of any season or annual pass requires that the user be photographed and buy a data carrier (Montafon Brandertal Card) for € 5, if he/she does not already have one. Discounts for children and seniors are only available with a valid photo ID (passport).