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Brandnertal - Vorarlberg
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Stone circles on the Tschengla/Bürserberg

Ritual sites and energy fields from the Stone Age.

The discovery of the powerful, neolithic stone circles and energy fields on the high plateau Tschengla in Bürserberg brings with it a wealth of unearthed secrets.

The stone monuments, erected on so-called vein stars, formed a centre from which Stone Age astronomers could observe the stars in the night sky, the rising and falling moon, the sun and planets.

The stones revealed progress through the year, and as such provided a calendar with which to determine when to pay homage to the gods and to sow and harvest crops. Calendar, ritual sites, energy fields! Stones with a very special aura and significance. Stone circle tours are available.

en:Stone circles on the Tschengla/Bürserberg; de:Steinkreise auf dem Hochplateau Tschengla;

Stone circles on the Tschengla/Bürserberg