Mountain adventure evening &

& Night Toboggan Safari

When night becomes day.

Is there anywhere more romantic than amongst the dark and quiet of the mountains at night? When the Little Dipper comes into view and tiny lights burn in the distance? This atmosphere is made to be celebrated, which is why every Tuesday we hold a mountain adventure evening with a gondola ride, mulled wine, a toboggan run and plenty of mountain romance.

Mountain adventure evening

With the Dorf- and Panorama Cable Car through the winter evening up to the Burtschasattel. On the ascent you can enjoy the fabulous illuminated view of Brand. Once at the top you can warm up yourself with a cup of mulled wine or tea in the restaurant. After a leisurely stop, we'll take the Panoramabahn back. From here you can either float down with the Dorfbahn cable car or ride the illuminated toboggan run "Eggen" into the valley.

Please note, that drinks in the restaurant are not included and have to be paid individually.

When: Every Tuesday (26/12/2023 - 12/03/2024*)
Time: 17:45-21:30

Night Tobogganing Brand
When: Every Tuesday (26/12/2023 - 12/03/2024*)
Time: 17:45-21:30
Costs: Free toboggan-evening-ticket with the Guest Card
Toboggan Rental: Dorfbahn, Brandnertal
Registration: No registration is necessary - individual descent by toboggan via the illuminated Eggen toboggan run is possible

* Subject to change.

Night toboggan safari at Bürserberg

Have you ever wanted to take a toboggan through the snow-covered winter landscape on a starry winter's night? Yes, then the night toboggan safari Bürserberg is just the right winter experience for you. With toboggan and headlamp we start after getting off the village and panoramic cable car at restaurant Frööd. From there we walk through the winter landscape a little way uphill on foot before descending with the toboggan to Bürserberg.

When: Every Tuesday (26/12/2023 - 12/03/2024*)
Meeting Point: 20:30 at the mountain station of the Panoramabahn (sign toboggan safari)
Costs: Free for guests with valid Guest Card
Registration: Registration until Tuesday at 12:00 at the Tourist Office Brand.

Night Toboggan Safari
With the Dorf- & Panoramabahn up to the Burtschasattel. A warming cup of mulled wine awaits you at the top and then it's off to Bürserberg with a guide.

* Subject to change.

Bring along:

  • Toboggan (toboggan rental directly at the valley station of the Dorfbahn in Brand)
  • Good winter equipment and clothing
  • Sturdy footwear

What you need to arrange yourself:

  • Arrival at the Dorfbahn valley station
  • Buses run from the "Bürserberg Gemeinde" stop (timetable line 580)
  • Ascent with the cable car

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