Backyards Snowpark

Yellow rails, gray wall rides, and a whole lot of love for freestyle!

The Backyards Snowpark is one of the most creative fun parks in Vorarlberg and is all about "From riders for riders."
Located in the Palüd section of the ski area, the snow park is in the area of the Melkboden lift and makes freestyle hearts beat faster. Our team of shapers regularly provides variety and keeps reinventing the Backyards Snowpark. In the winter season 2022/23, there are new rails again, transforming Backyards into a playground for all skill levels.
With 20 obstacles, there are always new lines to explore, making sure every park day is a success.

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  • bergbahnenbrandnertal-winter-backyardssnowpark
  • bergbahnenbrandnertal-winter-backyardssnowpark

Highlights in Backyards Snowpark

  • Loads of rails!
  • Family atmosphere/vibe
  • Grilling happens daily - #bringyourownstuff
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced riders

We ❤️ our Community!

You can find all the latest information about the Backyards Snowpark on Instagram! We share updates, highlights, and many community posts to keep you always up to date. Here's the link to the Instagram account of the Backyards Snowpark!

The Backyards Snowpark day ticket

Since the winter season 2022/23, the long-awaited Backyards day ticket is available. The day pass is for all those who can't get enough of rails, boxes, and jumps! It's valid at the Palüdbahn in Brand and the Melkbodenlift.

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