Reitstall Walliserhof

Reitstall Walliserhof

Neighing, hoof stamping and the happy munching of horses' mouths... These are the favorite sounds of our riders and horse lovers. Our horses live in group stables with paddocks. Hay as much as they want - and exercise whenever they want.

This is our basis for horse life at the Walliserhof riding stable. Whether beginner or advanced, big or small, we have something for everyone!

Riding is healthy: it strengthens the muscles, especially those of the back, promotes coordination, communication skills, a sense of responsibility and self-confidence. Our horses are a colorful team with different personalities and are experienced in dealing with children.

Riding lessons for young and old:

Lunge - from 6 years, € 36,00 - 25 min

Pony kindergarten - 3-5 years, € 28,00 - 15 min

Group lesson min. 3 riders 50 min from 10 years - € 46,00

Single lesson 25 min - € 46,00

Horseback ride - € 55,00

Alpine ride with refreshments in the summer months - 2.5 hours on the way to the alpine pasture with refreshments through the wonderful Brandnertal valley - € 135

Dates and more information at the Walliserhof reception