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Brandnertal, Alpenstadt Bludenz, Klostertal, Biospährenpark Großes Walsertal - Vorarlberg
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Blons in the Großes Walsertal

Experience history


Altitude: 903 m
Area: 15 km²
Population: 324
Situation: Blons is located on the south hill of the valley, the location name means "little plain".

en:Blons in the winter; de:Blons im Winter;

Blons in the winter

Vacation in Blons

Explore the beautiful winter landscape with skis or snowshoes from Blons and enjoy your stay.

For nature lovers, Blons offers many beautiful hiking trails to the typical alpine villages.

The avalanche documentary center is in the community center of Blons. For the 50th commemoration day, there were built 3 thematic hikings (Leusorgweg, Schutzwaldweg und Verbauungsweg). .

Next to the community center is the affectionately designed doll museum, where Marlies Jenny shows her collection of dools from the years 1850 to 1960.

> Doll museum Blons

en:Blons in the summer; de:Blons im Sommer;

Blons in the summer