Museum Großes Walsertal

Museum Großes Walsertal

The imposing semi-detached house in the heart of Sonntag is itself a piece of history. Over the centuries, the building has served as a home, alpine dairy, bakery and inn. Since 1981, the house has housed a museum.

Special exhibition Magic of Spaces - Living architecture in Großes Walsertal
This small architectural show focuses on a reorientation of attention: away from the things one sees and towards what one feels. A contemporary document for the valley and at the same time a plea for a new humanism in architecture. While the exhibition in the museum grows over the two years, house visits in the valley are about the awareness for a good building culture. Starting with redevelopment, densification and sustainable ways of living. The aim of the exhibition's expanded program is to provide first touches as well as in-depth experiences in the use of natural building materials.

Historical ArchitectTours
Also part of the exhibition are excerpts from the project "Historical ArchitekTours". In recent years, a total of five Vorarlberg regions have selected architectural history objects and investigated them in an interdisciplinary approach. Designed for a traveling exhibition, the illustration of the numerous insights gained from this work provides insights into the history of cultural assets.

Special exhibition - Info & registration
for guided tours and home visits at Theresia Bickel,
T +43 664 91 24 868,

Period: 13/05 - 09/10/2022
Weekday: Friday & Sunday
Opening hours: Friday 16:00 - 19:00, Sunday 14:00 - 17:00 Uhr and by arrangement
Price: free with guest card and for children, EUR 7.00 per adult without guest card

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