This is the source of one of the strongest sulphur springs in Austria, which has been reformulated. It is available to visitors all year round as a meeting pool and diving pool.

The warm bath at the Lutz is only possible by appointment. The small, round bathing pool offers space for 8 - 10 persons, is fed with the best drinking water and heated to a pleasant 40 degrees with a wood stove.

The plant is maintained and operated by the WASSERTAL association. Bathers accompany the bathers through the course of the cure.

The bathers on duty answer any questions in advance and meet the bathers at the agreed time (usually between 6pm and 7pm) at the village well in Buchboden. The way down to the Lutzbach where the bath is located takes 10 minutes.

After an introduction to the special features of the village, the visitors cancel their daily membership in the Wassertal Association, which entitles them to use the facility. The bathers are accompanied by a specially developed bathing process.

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