Alp Bus Alpe Oberüberluth

Alp Bus Alpe Oberüberluth

Brandnertal, Bludenz, Klostertal GästekarteBrandnertal, Bludenz, Klostertal Gästekarte
Reduced with guest cardWith the Brandnertal, Bludenz, Klostertal Guest Card you receive EUR 2,- reduction.
Gästekarte PremiumGästekarte Premium
Reduced with guest cardWith the Guest Card Premium you receive EUR 2,- reduction.
Walser Gästekarte + BWWalser Gästekarte + BW
Reduced with guest cardWith the Walser Guest Card you receive EUR 2,- reduction.

The hiking bus to Alpe Oberüberluth starts from the Buchboden church.

Departure times from the church: 07:35 am or 09:30 am
Departure times from the Alpe: 08:05 am or 10:35 am

Attention: The journeys of the Alpbusse take place only on registration, under (until 21:00 o'clock the day before) or by telephone from 12:00-18:00 o'clock.

Please note the currently valid Corona Guidelines

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