Restaurant Walserklause

Restaurant Walserklause

Welcome to the Walserklause! In addition to homemade specialties, which we seasonally process from direct hunting and the surrounding farmers, we serve you beer specialties from the Friedenfels brewery.

This, and much more, distinguishes our high quality. You will taste it!

Opening hours Monday: 10.00 o'clock until 14:00 o'clock

Tuesday day off

Wednesday to Sunday: 10.00 o'clock to (*** 18.00 o'clock) ***

If we have no guests at 18:00 and no reservation for the evening, we close the Walserklause at 18:00. If there are still guests or we have a reservation, we will keep the restaurant open longer. If you would like to visit us in the evening, please call us before 18:00, or contact us directly at the restaurant. phone +43 (0) 5553 800 90

Evening dates until 31 October: every Thursday Austrian traditional cuisine, every Friday game specialties, every Saturday steak

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