expected to reopen in June

Opening hours and offers may vary due to Covid-19. Please contact us directly.

The Pfälzerhütte is expected to be open again from mid June.

The Pfälzerhütte is continuously open and entertained from approx. mid-June to approx. mid/end of October. The hut is closed during the winter months. In winter the adjacent refuge "Adler" is open. The Pfälzerhütte (2108 m) lies on the Bettlerjoch north of the Naafkopf at the border to Austria and Switzerland on Liechtenstein soil. It is an ideal starting point for the Naafkopf (2571 m) and the Liechtensteiner Weg, via which the Brandner Ferner, the Mannheimer Hütte (2,679 m) and the the Schesaplana (2965 m) can be reached.