St. Laurentiuskirche

St. Laurentiuskirche

High above the old town, the St. Laurentius Church with its striking onion tower and the baroque Gayenhofen Castle form the city's landmark, visible from afar. The St. Laurentius Church is one of the outstanding churches of the region.

The church was first mentioned in 842. 100 years later - in 940 - King Otto I gave the Church of Bludenz to the Bishop of Chur as compensation for damages suffered. The simple single nave Gothic nave was built in 1514. In 1720 the black marble high altar was built, later the altarpiece Mary with Child, St. Andrew and Laurentius was created.

The bell tower was built between 1667 and 1670 according to the plans of the Jesuit priest Maximilian von Lerchenfeld from Feldkirch. Above the square base tower, which carries four gospel busts at the top corners, follows a three-storey octagonal tower with round arch openings and onion dome. The ringing consists of five bells, two of which are so valuable that they were not melted down in either world war.

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