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Brandnertal, Alpenstadt Bludenz, Klostertal, Biospährenpark Großes Walsertal - Vorarlberg
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Hikings in the Biosphärenpark Großes Walsertal

On the slopes of Walserkamm

Walking time: 3 ½ h

Blons 903 m, Sentumalpe 1.610 m, Plansottalpe 1.558 m, Gaßneralpe 1.562 m, St. Gerold 900 m
Stop: Alps and inns

With the hiking bus to Sentumalpe, from there on a nearly plain high-level-trail to Plansott and Gaßneralpe. Back to the valley over the access road, steady downhill to the bus station Außerberg. From there are only few minutes along the road to the parish room St. Gerold.
Tip: Variation to these walking tours are Gerenspitze 1.871 m, further 1 h 10 min. and Tälispitze 2.000 m, further 2 h

de:An den Hängen des Walserkamms;en:on the slopes of Walserkamm;

on the slopes of Walserkamm

Over the Glattmar from Unter- to Oberpartnom

Walking time: 3 ½ h
9 km

Valley station Sonntag, Stein 1.295 m, Unterpartnomalpe 1.532 m, Glattmar 1.930 m, Oberpartnomalpe 1.652 m
Stop: Alps, mountain huts und inns

Ride up on the cable railway. Hiking to the Alp Unterpartnom, partially heavy up-hill. From there on the trail direction Glattmar. Descend over the way to Oberpartnomalpe from the berg station cable railway. Take the access road down-hill along the road to the turning – to Hintersteinbild, there is also a barbecue area. The route continues through the Klangraum Stein to Vordersteinbild. At the rosary chapel back to the berg station cable car.

Tip: Variation Wandfluh 1.574 m, further 1 h.

de:Über den Glattmar von Unter- nach Oberpartnom;en:over the Glattmar from Unter- to Oberpartnom;

over the Glattmar from Unter- to Oberpartnom

Steris – The biggest alp in the valley

Walking time: 4 h

Way: Valley station Sonntag, Stein 1.295 m, Alpe Steris 1.441 m, Oberpartnomalpe 1.652 m
Stop: Alps, mountain huts und inns

With the cable railway to the starting point of the hiking. Hiking over the Schwand to the Alpe Steris. Descend to the Steintobel over a steady up-hill to a nearly plain access road, which continues to Alpe Steris. Retour along the Breithorn to the Alpe Obertpartnom and then to the Alpe Unterpartnom. You can chose the downhill on a directly path or access road over Steinbild (further 40 min.) to the berg station of cable car.

Tip: Every Wednesday breakfast on Steris,- hiking bus reachable from Marul.

de:Steris - Die größte Alpe im Tal;en:Steris – The biggest alp in the valley;

Steris – The biggest alp in the valley

From Klesenza to Stein

Walking time: 3 h

Klesenzaalpe 1.589 m, Sättele 1.737 m, Oberpartnomalpe 1.652 m, Stein 1.295 m
Stop: Alps, cable railway parlour

With the hiking bus from Buchboden to Klesenzaalpe. From Klesenza along the road over Sättele direction Alpe Laguz. Shortly before you can take the access road direction Garmil. In Laguz you can drive with the hiking bus to Marul. The path over Garmilhöhe goes to Alpe Oberpartnom. Descend over the footpath from Unterpartnom directly to berg station of cable car. A detour over the access road to Steinbild and Klangraum Stein is also profitable.

Tip: The hiking bus drive daily to the Alps Laguz and Klesenza.

de:Von Klesenza nach Stein;en:From Klesenza to Stein;

From Klesenza to Stein

Hiking of Alps over the Lutz

Walking time: 5 ½ h

Sonntag–Buchboden 910 m, Heimenwaldalpe 1.296 m, Ischkarneialpe 1.518 m, Oberüberlutalpe 1.585 m
Stop: Alps, huts, inns

With the hiking bus to Ischkarneialpe. There are two opportunities. Over the path to the Biberacherhütte, which goes over the hut of Oberischkarnei on the Schadonapass. After a cosy rest you take the path back to Oberischkarnei and further direction to Oberüberlut. Or from the Alp Ischkarnei directly to Oberüberlut. Along the road up-hill the Pregimelbach to the high-level-trail – to Oberüberlut. From Oberüberlut starts the downhill to the valley. In Unterüberlut either over the access road or a path steady downhill to Buchboden.  

de:Alpwanderung über der Lutz;en:Hiking of Alps over the Lutz;

Hiking of Alps over the Lutz

Core-zone Faludriga Nova

Walking time: 3 h 45 Min.

Alpe Laguz 1.584 m, Schwarze Furka 2.199 m, Faludrigaalpe 1.715 m, Fuchswaldalpe 1.145 m
Stop: alps, hermitage of Walsertal in Marul

From Laguz over a track through the high valley between the summits of Madratsch and Lusgrind to Oberen Laguzalpe. Over a hiking path, soon becomes rockier, going up to the Schwarzen Furka. A hiking path leads through the lonely secluded Faludrigaalpe to the nature reserve Faludriga-Nova during the down-going path. Nearly at the stream goes a comfortable hiking way down the valley to Fuchswaldalpe and to the bus station.  

Tip: The Schwarze Furka is surrounded by an unspoiled, toward mountain world with an incredible view. Often you have the possibility to find a chamois and golden eagle while you explore the view.

de:Kernzone Faludriga-Nova;en:Core-zone Faludriga Nova;en:Core-zone Faludriga Nova;

Core-zone Faludriga Nova

At the base of the Rote Wand

Walking time: to Freiburger Hütte 2 ½ h, back  4 h 45 Min., to Formarin Alpe 3 h, to Dalaas 5 h

Alpe Laguz 1.584 m, Enge and Lange Furka 2.010 m, Formarinsee 1.860 m, Freiburger Hütte 1.918 m, Formarinalpe 1.871 m, Dalaas 820 m
Stop: huts und alps

Over a track goes to Oberen Laguzalpe and further on a footpath through the karst landscape of the Enge and on the saddle of the Langen Furka. From there goes downhill to the side of the Formarinsee, where the hiking trail is leading into a track. Up-hill to the Freiburger Hütte you have the Formarinsee and about it the impressive north gap of the Rote Wand in front of your eyes. You can hike back the same path or around the half mountain lake to the Formarinalpe with the bus station of Lecher’s location bus or you go down from the yoke to Dalaas.

Tip: The Rote Wand is one of the core zones of Biosphärenpark Großes Walsertal

de:Am Fuße der Roten Wand;en:At the base of the Rote Wand;

At the base of the Rote Wand

The most favourite ways to the lake of Seewald

Walking time:

  • 1h 45 Min. from Buchboden
  • 1h from Sonntag Seeberg
  • 35 Min. from  Fontanella Säge

Starting point: Buchboden, Sonntag Seeberg, Fontanella Säge
High: Buchboden 910 m, Seelwaldsee 1.150 m, Fontanella 1.166 m
Stop: GH Seewaldsee, Seestüble

  • From Buchboden along the road out of the valley to the Lichtkapelle. There you must turn right and up-hill to the mountain lake.
  • From Sonntag-Seeberg please lead the path along the road direction shortly before the gallery of Buchboden and turn left at the junction, then take the path up-hill. Follow this way to the uppermost house, then over the hiking trail to the mountain lake.
  • From Fontanella Säge on the access road to the lake.

Tip: From June to September, comfortable with the fun-trial from Fontanella Säge to the Seewaldsee insider tip: The Seewaldsee is a swimming lake!

de:Beliebte Wege zum Seewaldsee;en:The most favourite ways to the lake of Seewald;

The most favourite ways to the lake of Seewald

Waterhike Bad Rothenbrunnen

Walking time: 2 h
High: 100 hight meter

The hiking starts at the church of Buchboden and pass over a natural monument Kessena (gorge) to the iron source of Bad Rothenbrunnen, pass over the water catchment of the power station again and at a tuff source to the shuffle source with a cellar.

Tip: Stop at the inn of Bad Rothenbrunnen, guides hiking tours

de:Wasserwanderung Bad Rothenbrunnen;en:Water hiking Bad Rothenbrunnen;en:Waterhike Bad Rothenbrunnen;

Water hiking Bad Rothenbrunnen

Lap around Zafernhorn

Walking time: 4h 45 Min., without climb up 3 ½ h
Starting point: Faschina
Length: 8 km without climb up
Hight: Faschina 1.486 m, Bartholomäusalpe 1.640 m, Gumpener Grätle 1.820 m, Furka 1.871 m, Zafernhorn 2.107 m, Brüche 1.570 m
Stop: Inns, Bartholomäusalpe

In Faschina the way starts from the big traffic sign at the Jochenstraße on the downside of Zafernhorn to the Bartholomäusalpe. From there goes a hiking path up-hill to Gumperner Grätle and crosses above the eastern flake of the Gumpenalpe and Zafernalpe. On the Furka the path opens out the approach of the Zafernalpe. From there you can hike without climb up the promising circular route. The return way takes place alternatively on tracks and footpaths. After crossing the rough Stutztobel is it lastly a comfortable walk yet.
Tip: To climb to the top of Zafernhorn will be rewarded by an impressive panoramic view.

de:Zafernrunde;en:Lap around Zafernhorn;

Lap around Zafernhorn