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Brandnertal, Alpenstadt Bludenz, Klostertal, Biospährenpark Großes Walsertal - Vorarlberg
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Hikes in the Klostertal

  • de:Genusswandern rund um Bludenz;

    Circular path Unterrifats Braz

    Starting point: Alpen.Spa.Golf.Hotel Traube
    Walking time: 1,25 h

    Pretty circular walk along partially shady Alfenz bank, passing the golf course on the north side of the valley, back to the starting point. From the car park of the Alpen.Spa.Golf.Hotel Traube walk south towards the Unterrifats play area. From here continue on cycle and footpath to the Unterradin water catchment. Then head up towards Oberradin and the golf course. Finally reach the Reckholder plot - take the Mühlekreisweg and return on it to the starting point.

  • de: Freiburgerhütte am Formarinsee;

    Freiburger Hütte

    Length: 10 km
    Walking time: 3 h
    Starting height: 830 m
    Max. height: 1.918 m
    Difference in height: 1.088 m
    Refreshment: Freiburger Hütte

    From the Kristbergsaal car park (observe sign) to the railway station Dalaas to the village district Obermarias, via Sandtobel and „Sponas“ to the village district Obermason. Passing St. Martin‘s Chapel, right past the last farm, via Bargrant. Right of the Schmiedetobel in the vicinity of Musterinalpe climb in sweeping curves to Alpe Rauher Staffel to the Freiburger Hütte. Variant (or with young children) via Lech with the walker‘s bus „Formarinsee“.

  • de: Naturdenkmal Fallbach;

    Natural monument Fallbach

    Starting point: Gasthof Krone, Dalaas
    Walking time: 2 h

    Leisurely ramble to the natural monument Fallbach, at 520 m the highest waterfall in Vorarlberg. From the starting point via the Müß plot to Fallbach, from here either to Innerbraz, along Alfenz right into the village. Return with bus line 90.

  • de: Rundwanderung Dalaas;

    Circular path Dalaas

    Starting point: Parking area Kristbergsaal
    Walking time: 1,5 h

    From the starting point head towards the council offices, bear right following white/yellow sign to Sonnenhalb. In front of house no. 137 cross the main road L97 and from here turn right to the Garmauscha plot. Nice spot to take a break after a short climb on the left-hand side of a pond. Continue through woods, via Klemmetobel to the Kaiser plot pretty view out of the valley. Via service road Paluda and Pollerweg back to the starting point.

  • de: Römerkeller Dalaas;

    Dalaas - Römerkeller

    Starting point: Parking area Kristbergsaal
    Walking time: 1,5 - 2,5 h

    Walk from the car park in the direction of TO Klostertal. Pass the lido, via „Schröffle“ and on to Bahnhofstraße. On the right is the Church of St. Oswald. Straight on to Dalaas station, over the railway bridge to the Obermarias plot. Pass above house no. 197 on footpath, pass field cross via Sandtobel and Hölltobel through woodland to the Obermason plot continue onto the Hintergant plot. From here via Schmittenbach and onward to Römerkeller. On the way back it is possible to take the path to Untermason from the crossroads at St. Martin‘s Chapel. Then continue on to the Church of St. Oswald and take the same path back to the starting point.

  • de: Schattenmähder;

    Wald am Arlberg - Schattenmähder - Dalaas

    Starting point: Valley station Sonnenkopfbahn
    Walking time: 2 h

    From the starting point take the forest road Sonnenkopf until the first large bend, then continue on marked footpath through Schattenmähder. Impressive view of the Klostertal peaks. Continue via Bärentobel, passing Metzler Maisäß, down to the Garmauscha plot. Pond on the right invites one to take a break. Continue on the metalled local road to the valley floor, from here on cycle/footpath back to the valley station Sonnenkopfbahn.

  • de: Alfenzweg;


    Starting point: Valley station Sonnenkopfbahn / Kristbergsaal, Dalaas
    Walking time: 1 h

    Variant I:
    From the Sonnenkopfbahn on Klostertal cycle path along the Alfenz towards Dalaas. After approx. 2.5 km arrive at an inviting BBQ area with pond and waterwheel.

    Variant II:
    From Kristbergsaal head towards Dalaas council offices and turn right onto the path along the Alfenz bank after 50 m. Onwards to the sawmill (district of Erlenau), then right onto L79 main road. Cross this after 200 m heading right onto the cycle path along the Alfenz. After a short rise on a metalled road continue on a gravel path with two easy climbs to the Außerwald BBQ area.

  • de: Tobelfeld Braz;

    Circular path Tobelfeld Braz

    Starting point: Gemeindeamt Innerbraz
    Walking time: 1,25 h

    Peaceful circular walk, sometimes passing through meadows and shady woods. Route leads from the council offices via Rüfi - Mühleplatz - Garatz. Cross highway S16 and arrive at Gavril, public compensating reservoir, Auwald, right over the Aubrücke, then right again until reaching the Father Roth Chapel and then return to the starting point.

  • de: Sonnenkopf - Wasserstubenalpe;

    Sonnenkopf - Wasserstubenalpe

    Starting point: Mountain station Sonnenkopfbahn
    Walking time: 1,5 h

    From the starting point pass Bärenland, via the mountain bike trail to Obere Wasserstubenalpe (open from the start of July until mid September), where butter and alpine cheese are produced. Return the same way.

  • de: Alpe Nenzigast;

    Alpe Nenzigast

    Starting point: Dorfzentrum Klösterle
    Walking time: 2 h

    Pass the picturesque waterfall, direction of Schwendehütte, alongside the rushing Nenzigastbach stream through Nenzigasttal to the Alpe Nenzigast. Enticing snack stop with own produce, early risers can observe the working dairy during cheese-making.

  • de: Lehrwanderweg Braz mit Masonwasserfall;

    Education path Braz

    Starting point: Alpen.Spa.Golf.Hotel Traube
    Walking time: 3 h, with detour to Mason waterfall 4,5 h

    Nature trail with natural sights - 40 information signs provide an insight into the life of a mountain valley. Mysterious are the painted stones at the impressive Mason waterfall. Diverse and richly interesting route runs along the Mühletobelbrücke, left over the stream through a mixed forest and onto the Lötscherweg to the Lötsch mountain plot. Cross the Mühletobel, continue on the leisurely forestry commission road to Gafreu and to alpine pastures „Auf den Böden“. After crossing the Masonbach stream briefly follow a narrow path up to the forestry commission road Laschei. From here detour on the somewhat steeper forest path up to the Mason waterfall (approx. 40 min). From Laschei down via Rütenen-Pfarrmähdle left to Innerbraz Tobel-Kirchdorf.