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Brandnertal, Alpenstadt Bludenz, Klostertal, Biospährenpark Großes Walsertal - Vorarlberg
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Hikes in the Alpenstadt Bludenz

Hoher Frassen

Length: 6 km
Walking time: 3,5 - 5,5 h
Starting height: 1.402 m
Max. height: 1.979 m
Difference in height: 577 m
Refreshment: Alpengasthof Muttersberg, Fraßenhütte

From the mountain station on the north side into a hollow, on via a hillside to the Fraßen Hütte (1,725 m). Climb over mountain pastures to the peak. Descend the same way or on the Tiefenseesattel (pretty panoramic path). Variant: Descend to Raggal - from the peak in a south easterly and then northerly direction to Klesialpe, on in the forest to Raggal. From here with the overland bus line 78 and 76 back to Bludenz.

en:Hoher Frassen;

Hoher Frassen

Montikel Panoramic Path

Length: 6,4 km
Walking time: 1,5 h
Starting height: 590 m
Max. height: 715 m
Difference in height: 125 m
Refreshment: Schlosshotel Dörflinger, VAL BLU

Start at Daneu bridge:
Charming ramble starts with one of the most beautiful pine and beech forests in Vorarlberg. Slight climb over „Kühberg“ up to the park-like Hinterebene, set out like a nature trail (large resting area). Back via Furklaweg or Montikeland Bäralochweg to Bludenz Unterstein (Alpine experience baths VAL BLU).

Start behind Laurentius Park:
Along the edge of the forest up through the forest in zig-zags to the height of the ridge (first view point, resting place). Further along the top of the ridge in the shady high forest to Ferdinandshöhe (715 m), stunning view point right across the town. Via Montikel-Fürkele follow the ridge to the junction with Ferdinand-Gassner-Weg, back to Hinterebene or descend via Bäraloch-Weg to Bludenz Unterstein.

en:Montikel Panoramic Path;

Montikel Panoramic Path


Starting point: Moated castle on the right of the Muttersbergbahn valley station
Walking time: 2 - 3 h

The first part of the Ferdinand-Gassner-Weg is identical to the course of the Waldlehrpfad Kühberg (see Montikel panoramic path). From Hinterebene (resting place) through forest to „Haldenrüfi“ to Rungeliner Allmein and Lavils. Up and down with constantly changing views to Hellwald, from here to Gastastiegele (830 m). Return to Hellwald and on meadow path particularly pretty down to Rungelin or from Gastastiegele right on service road up to the farm on Gasünd. From here southerly descent with numerous views on Klosterweg via Langwies, finally through the forest to Kloster St. Peter.

de:Ferdinand-Gassner-Weg - Römerweg; en:Ferdinand-Gassner-Weg - Römerweg;

Ferdinand-Gassner-Weg - Römerweg


Starting point: Gastastiegele, Bludenz
Walking time: 2 h

Continuation of Ferdinand-Gassner-Weg with particularly stunning views over Klostertal and its imposing mountain world. From Gastastiegele briefly across a steep meadow, down, then left, subsequently cross two large ravines. At the farm turn up to the left, then right across the wide pasture of Brazer Allmein. Finally across meadows down to the bus station Außerbraz.

de:Ferdinand-Gassner-Weg - Römerweg; en:Ferdinand-Gassner-Weg - Römerweg;

Ferdinand-Gassner-Weg - Römerweg

Sunny balcony Muttersberg, 1.401 m

Starting point: Daneubrücke (close to Muttersberg valley station)
Walking time: Varation: 1 2,5 h, Variation 2: 2,75 h

From Daneubrücke to Laz, guesthouse Schönblick (closed), on level forest path in just a few minutes to the junction with Muttersberger Bildweg (somewhat higher is a small chapel). Before the chapel left through the forest and cross to the former guesthouse Muttersberg, left to the mountain station and up to the new alpine guesthouse Muttersberg.

On Muttersberg the circular walk round the Madeisaköpfle (approx. ½ h) with fabulous views over Rätikon, Walgau and Säntis starts. Version II: From the Muttersbergbahn valley station over the new footbridge to Laz. At the signpost take a left and continue on to the mountain station and alpine guesthouse Muttersberg.  Beautiful, easy-going inclined panoramic path.

en:Sunny balcony Muttersberg, 1.401 m;

Sunny balcony Muttersberg, 1.401 m

Muttersberg – Alpe Els

Starting point: Mountain station Muttersbergbahn
Walking time: 2 h

From the mountain station to Tiefenseesattel. An easy climb with fabulous views of the surrounding mountain world - onward to the maintained Alpe Els. The idyllic Alp, located beneath Gamsfreiheit is one of the most popular destinations. Return the same way

en:Muttersberg - Alpe Els;

Muttersberg - Alpe Els

Circular path "Ruine Sonnenberg"

Starting point: Church in Nüziders
Walking time: 1 h

From the village centre (follow signposts) head in the direction of GH Bad Sonnenberg - Außerberg - to Bazis, on via Platte - Kälberbünt - and Sonnenberg ruin back to starting point. Walk rich with views.

de:Circular path "Ruine Sonnenberg";


Starting point: Church in Nüziders
Walking time: 3,75 h

From the village centre - well signposted and marked - initially on a road, then on a forest road passing the Sonnenberg ruin to the Nitztobel area (follow signpost). Continue on the mountain footpath - old Walserweg - to Gampeledienstwiesen. From here, fabulous view of the surrounding mountain world (Rätikon, Silvretta, Verwall mountains). Steep path with switchbacks up towards Steinle. From here easy-going to the destination. Fabulous all-round view to Walgau and Rätikon. Return via Berghof down towards Paulinarium and Frohe Aussicht. From here on the road to Hüsle and onward on forest paths to the starting point or descend on the same route.