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Brandnertal, Alpenstadt Bludenz, Klostertal, Biospährenpark Großes Walsertal - Vorarlberg
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Cable car Sonntag Stein in Großes Walsertal

The cable car Sonntag Stein carries our summer guests high above the river Lutz from Sonntag to Sonntag-Stein

Sonntag-Stein is a village within the community Sonntag in the Großes Walsertal. The mountain station of the cable car Sonntag Stein is an ideal starting point for many hikes and mountain tours. Cosy cottages and alpine dairies invite you to stay and have a break enjoying the fabulous mountain views of the valley.

KlangraumStein - walking path with echo wall
Klangraum, literally translated as sound space, is an interactive project that deals with nature and its sound landscape. Art installations line the hiking trail to the echo wall in Sonntag-Stein. There is seating furniture, a rocking chair or a lounger for visitors wishing to behold the scenery, to reflect or listen, a sound fall – an acoustic pavilion – to soak up a kaleidoscope of sounds, and the geometric design of the platform at the echo wall which amplifies the sound of musicians performing at this very spot.
The barbecue place along the downhill path to Sonntag offers a brick barbecue, tables and benches and a fountain with fresh water. The best of the barbecue place is the brick oven, ehich is  a specially created clay oven where guests can bake pizza. The dough for the pizza can be bought at the downhill station of the cable cars Sonntag Stein.

Mountain lodges and alpine dairies

  • Alpe Unterpartnom
  • Alpe Oberpartnom / Breithornhütte
  • Steris Alpe
Cable cars in Sonntag Stein

Cable cars in Sonntag Stein

Summer operation times 2018

Preseason: Weekend operation (only when weather conditions are good for hiking)
5.-6.5. / 10.-13.5. / 19.-21.5. / 26-27.05. / 31.05.-3.06.

main summer season: daily summer operation 7 June - 14 october

Late season: Weekend operation
20.-21.10. / 26.-28.10.

Driving times of the cable car:
8.45 to 12.00 am and from 1.00 to 5.30 pm

Morning drive: every Wednesday 20th June until 5th September breakfast on 8 am the alpe Steris

evening drive: every Sunday in August until 8.00 pm