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Rufen - Juchzen – Jodeln

Behind the cliché that jumps out at us when we hear the word yodel, we discover something unexpected: THE ARCHAIC VOICE. Yodeling is a shouting singing on phonetic syllables with rapid alternation between high and low tones (yodel beat). Yodeling is a pre-linguistic, uncensored, powerful vocal expression of feelings that primitive peoples such as the Sámi in Northern Europe or the Baka Pygmy people in Africa have always practiced for the purpose of communication.

Workshop Content: Through mindful breath -body - and voice exercises we strengthen the necessary breath power. Imagination exercises expand our sound spaces. Singing exercises clarify the voice position and enable the overtone richness of the voice. We learn and deepen the yodeling technique. In free sounding we explore and expand individual possibilities with powerful tones. We learn beautiful polyphonic yodels from different regions.

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