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6722 St. GeroldPater-Nathanael-Weg 29

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Der Atem - ein Weg zur persönlichen Spiritualität

If I turn to him lovingly, he can be experienced by me in all his facets and shows me the way to personal spirituality. (Wibke Mullur)

Spirituality and breath are inseparable.

The word spirituality - spiritus in Latin - means spirit, breath and spiro means "I breathe". In ancient Greek, the word means "the search, the turning toward." This weekend we want to be inspired. Inspiration is a gift, we cannot "make" it. We turn to it and let ourselves go on a journey of discovery to ourselves. The breath is our faithful companion. Simple body, breath and mindfulness exercises stimulate, inspire and encourage us. We may marvel at our own steadiness, uprightness, strength, joy and lightness, which we encounter in tracing the exercises. Strengthened in body and soul, we go into everyday life anew.


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