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Auf den Spuren der weisen Frauen

Fri 31.7. - Sun 2.8.2020, 2 - 1 pm

In the times of our great-great-grandmothers, women with their concerns - birth, conception, pregnancy and contraception - depended on the hidden knowledge of midwives - the so-called wise women - and the support of herbs. This wisdom was connected with the approaches and the connections of the star wisdom and the philosophy of old masters. It was carried by the roots of shamanic approaches and was based on the popular piety of that time. The moon was considered an important companion, through its rhythms and cycles, in the understanding of the feminine and the maternal and regulated the life of women. The herbs give courage and confidence. They were great protective and blessing companions for the women in hours of life and death. On these women's days we would like to open up to these old approaches, learn a lot about the local women's medicinal herbs, tie a women's herb bush and celebrate our womanhood in a ritual. We would like to light a fire to honour all that women have gone through, in the past and today.

Place: Seminar house Mühle in Buchboden

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