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Biotope excursion - habitat moor and rough meadows around in the Labomweg

The excursion takes you to the litter and rough meadows around the Labomweg. It is an old mountain meadow area, which is very species-rich due to its small-scale changing site conditions and plant communities and is home to a large number of rare plants (such as various orchids). In addition, it is also a beautiful example of a traditionally used cultural landscape due to its extensive intactness. On the exposed sites litter meadows (moors) have developed, while on drier areas lean meadows can be found.

You should plan 3 hours for the excursion. Participation is free and no registration is required. The excursion takes place in any weather. You should bring ankle-high shoes with a profiled sole, a snack if necessary, drinks if necessary and weather protection.

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