Pfarrkirche zur Maria Geburt

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Pfarrkirche zur Maria Geburt

We first hear about a church in Stuben am Arlberg in 1507, where a document refers to a new consecration ("de novo"). Whether it was an extension or a new building and about the age of the previous building, we have no knowledge. In the future archaeological investigations could provide information. The small village church of Stuben am Arlberg offers a picturesque sight especially in winter; She also served as the location for the film "The Prodigal Son", which Luis Trenker realized in the 1930s.

Since 1666 Stuben am Arlberg has been an independent parish, and about that time the church also received its current baroque form. Noteworthy are, for example, the precious choir stalls, which is designated 1672 and was donated by a wealthy Stubener named Adam Assmann and the baptismal font made of red marble. In the place of the left side altar there is a statue of the Virgin Mary from around 1630, on the right side a crucifix created around 1700.

As late Baroque, the paintings are to be addressed along the gallery parapet, which show the four evangelists Mark, Matthew, Luke and John and the two church fathers Gregory and Jerome. At around the same time (around 1760), the annexe was built on the nave, with the small Stuben school, which existed until around 1960, finding its place on the lower floor and the parament room on the upper floor. On the left side of the front door, in the newly constructed vestibule, there is the gravestone of the deceased pastor Johann Kaspar Malin, who died in 1800, and on the right the war memorial for the fallen of both world wars.

Worth mentioning is an interesting votive picture, which is reminiscent of the history of Franz Josef Mathies, who became famous as "avalanche Franz-Josef". He had been buried by an avalanche on the Flexenweg in December 1886 and, miraculously, was freed alive after about 30 hours. In gratitude for his rescue, he donated an ex-voto depiction of the Virgin Mary, which is located under the gallery.

In 2007, the parish church in Stuben am Arlberg underwent a thorough renovation and now shines in new splendor. A big thank you to all donors and donors.

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