Kaltenberg Hütte

Kaltenberg Hütte

The Kaltenberger Hütte will probably be open again from 30 May.

2089 m | Cabin Category 1 - Base for mountain hikers and mountaineers, farmed hut.

• NEW from 2018: Training room for up to 20 people - please inquire by email: info@kaltenberghuette.at
• Open daily from the end of June to September / beginning of October - depending on the weather.
• Wonderful sun terrace for an unforgettable day trip - we cook fresh!
• Kitchen is qualified as: "That's how the mountains taste".
Do you already know the mountain breakfast on the Kaltenberghütte? Breakfast is served under the motto: "The mountain is calling!"
from 29th June 2018 daily - 9:00 am to 11:30 am - reservation the day before required. Many Thanks. (info@kaltenberghütte.at or 05582 790)

Access paths:
Stuben via Stubener-See-Weg: Walking time 3 hours
Stuben via Passage / Albona: Walking time: 2 3/4 hours
Long on Bludenzer Alpe: walking time 3 ½ hours
Alpe Stuben-Rauz: walking time 2 hours
St. Christoph via Paul-Bantlin-Weg: walking time 2 ½ hours
St. Christoph via Berggeistweg: walking time 4 hours

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