E-Bike Rental ArlbergResort Klösterle

E-Bike Rental ArlbergResort Klösterle

Brandnertal, Bludenz, Klostertal GästekarteBrandnertal, Bludenz, Klostertal Gästekarte
Reduced with guest cardWith the Brandnertal, Bludenz, Klostertal Guest Card you receive EUR 5,- reduction.
Gästekarte PremiumGästekarte Premium
Reduced with guest cardWith the Guest Card Premium you receive EUR 5,- reduction.

Start a spontaneous e-bike experience on the Arlberg and rent the right e-bike for the occasion.

Pick-up at the Arlberg Resort Klösterle, Klösterle No. 61
Note: max. 6 e-bikes
Price: EUR 25.00 all day with a guest card, EUR 30.00 all day without a guest card
Registration: on the same day from 8:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. on +43 55 22 71 555

Please note the currently valid Corona Guidelines

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