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Tagebuch Slam

Sweet foreign shame: Who doesn't know them? The gloriously embarrassing and all the more amusing diary entries from teenage years, travel diaries or just from back then? We have them! An embarrassingly funny journey through time into the abysses of one's own and others' puberty. Honest, touching, unsparing, saddened, exaggerated, yearning, unstable and misunderstood. That's how they were and are, our school and youth years. And so are our diary entries from this wild and unpredictable time of growing up. of growing up.

The audience decides on the winner of the evening. There are prizes for all of them, because everyone who has who has survived puberty unscathed is a winner.

A reality show of a different kind - certainly the most personal of all slams, because life writes the most beautiful stories.

Participants wanted:
Each participant needs two entries (can also be several shorter entries) of maximum
of maximum 5 minutes, because preliminary and final round. Please no current entries, should be before 2017!

Please send registrations and questions to:

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