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Perspectival // Ausstellung

Opening of the swing exhibition

It is planned that this presentation will also take visitors out of the exhibition room and into the Damüls inns, reviving the old tradition of passing on experiences orally. Ms Ekici will be accompanied on her walk by film, so that a permanent projection in the exhibition room will remain accessible to visitors for the duration of the exhibition.

In the field of tension between anonymity, fear and longing for human contact, we meet the artist Stefanie Trojan (Frankfurt). Her humorous interactions create effective images alongside interpersonal situations and touch on forgotten themes such as empathy, touch and encounter.

This search for traces is expanded by a look into our digital future on the upper floor of the exhibition. With all the opportunities, but also the dangers of our present and future possibilities, it is likely to become increasingly important not to lose sight of the human being as the human being himself. In this sense, it is possible to experiment "with the future" here!

In a second room, the viewers are invited to trustfully go through the journey of life in past, present and future, not losing track of childhood and not shying away from the encounter with old age. The realisation of this work would not have been possible without our technical possibilities and yet at the same time it speaks a human and "decelerated" language.

The framework for the topics touched upon is formed by image, text and film material that deals with the history of swinging. We have succeeded in borrowing the original photographs from the book "Frauen, die schaukeln" (Claudia Grabowski, Bremen) for the exhibition, which give a historical insight into the pictures of swinging women from 1880 to the 1960s. In terms of art history, there will also be a short excursion into the painting of the swing motif.

Contemporary photographic works will be presented by Sarah Solderer (South Tyrol), who will make two of her projects from 2017 available in the form of photographs and a film: Swings installed at various bus stops in Athens and Cuba. The swing, which swings back and forth, is a metaphor for the rhythm of the going and coming commuters, in their daily routines: sometimes faster, sometimes slower - on a scaled-down scale. For Damüls, we will take up and expand these interventions in urban space in a separate project.

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