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Heimatbühne Schoppernau

Comedy freely adapted from Hanns Kräly in 3 acts by Andreas Wening, performed in German

The daughters of the desperate farmer Kohlhiesel could not be more different: On the one hand there is the elegant Lisa, who has just returned from the city where she trained as a hotel manageress, and on the other her sister Susi, who has remained on the farm - brusque, unkempt and uncouth. Lisa's wedding to the neighboring farmer Hannes was planned for her return, but Kohlhiesel's wife decreed on her deathbed that the grumpy Susi must first be married before Lisa can walk down the aisle, otherwise both sisters will be disinherited. Sascha, an admirer who has traveled to the house and has his eye on Lisa, and Hannes hatch a devious plan to circumvent the provisions of the will. But when Hannes and Susi independently place advertisements in the newspaper, everything gets mixed up. Marvin, a marriage swindler who has arrived in a hurry and is in need of money, causes a confusion of misunderstandings at the court, as do the spoiled Henriette von Lauenstein and the two village fates Mandy and Jennifer. Even the annoyed village priest and the alarmed police can't cope with this chaos...

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Admission: Ticket sales and reservations at the Schoppernau Tourist Office on +43 5515 2495

Ticket prices: Adults € 14.00, children: € 7.00. Reduced prices with the WinterCard: Adults € 13.00, children: € 6.00

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