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The VORARLBERG SALZGROTTE is located in massive rock behind the traditional "Gasthof Post" and is open to guests of the stylish inn as well as to foreigners.

The VORARLBERG SALT CAVE with 44 tons of Himalayan salt is the largest artificially created salt cave in Europe. Due to the protected location in the massive rock, constant temperatures and a pleasant, health-promoting climate with a high salt concentration always prevail in the cave.

A pleasure - the SALARIUM

For very special applications there is another attraction at the "Gasthof Post": the so-called SALARIUM.

Sea salt is blown into the significantly smaller room, which at 45°C is twice as warm and is also lined with Himalayan salt.

This produces a similar effect as in a sauna during infusion - but with a health-promoting salt concentration. Visitors lie undressed on a bath towel directly in the Himalayan salt granulate.

The soothing effect on health problems is the same as in the salt cave. Added to this is the pleasant warmth, which provides for additional well-being.

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