Heimatmuseum Paarhof Buacher

Closed today22.05.2019

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Heimatmuseum Paarhof Buacher

Exhibition: 100 years of skiing history to touch

From the beginning of the 2014 summer season, friends of alpine mountaineering can experience the past at first hand. The Paarhof Buacher local history museum in Bürserberg is home to 100 years of hands-on skiing history. From simple wooden slats with laced bindings, through adventurous construction experiments to ultra-modern racing skis, interested visitors can gain an insight into how alpine skiing has developed.

Among the exhibits of the small but fine exhibition are also true celebrities: Ski models as they were driven by Toni Sailer (triple Olympic champion and seven times world champion) as well as by Karl Schranz (triple world champion).

Numerous information boards and pictures inform about the origin of skiing and the exciting stories of the skiing pioneers. Special attention is paid to the heroes of skiing in Vorarlberg, but the development of skis and bindings also finds its place. In addition, old alpine equipment can also be explored.

Free admission with the Brandnertal Card and the Bludenz-Klostertal-Arlberg Card.