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Tal Schafft Kultur: KUNSCHT.ALLTAG oder Alltagskunst

Due to Covid, the usual procedures were unintentionally massively changed by everyone in spring. On the one hand, many had all the time in the world and on the other hand, many had a lot to do in the "system relevant" professions. Uncertainties and worries about the job, changes in the domestic routine, as well as the great responsibility for the success of the children at school did the rest. This noticeable "getting out of step" caused many to look at their home, house, garden or their own life, to reflect and clean up, to keep "necessities" and to redefine priorities for themselves.

The cultural initiative Tal-schafft-Kultur wants to make these processes, changes and stories visible with the artist Michael Mittermayer.

The inhabitants of the Brandnertal are invited to bring along an object of their choice and a few words or short texts. In the context of an artistic intervention in word, image and sound, the immediacy of the objects will provide information about us and our society. The coincidence of the different objects is the stimulus for our temporal moment of doing and acting at this place.

Of course, the object you bring with you can be taken away again later.

Saturday, Oct. 3, 14.00 - 16.00 o'clock Bürserberg, Alvierbach, under the Fritsche sawmill

A registration on is absolutely necessary for every event - only registered persons are official participants. All events are free of charge. Nevertheless the cultural initiative is pleased about freiwillige donations. Possible program changes as well as the form for registration are available on the homepage:

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