Bergbahnen Brandnertal

Allow us to introduce ourselves

It's time to briefly introduce ourselves. We want to give you a closer look at what it's like to work on this beautiful summit, how we spend our days and what you can expect here with us. Each year, around 420,000 people hop onto the gondolas of the Bergbahnen Brandnertal and encounter our fascinating mountain world. To bring you closer to the peaks and the Alpine nature, you can choose between up to 15 cable cars and lifts – depending on the season. Our suspended technological marvels cover a total of up to 9,500 trips per day, meaning that they transport an average of 1,640 passengers into the Brandnertal mountains each day.

Our cableways & facilities

  • Dorfbahn in Brand
  • Palüdbahn in Brand
  • Panoramabahn in Brand – Bürserberg
  • Niggenkopfbahn II in Brand
  • Gulmabahn in Brand
  • Glattjochbahn in Brand
  • Einhornbahn I in Bürserberg
  • Einhornbahn II in Bürserberg
  • Loischkopfbahn in Bürserberg
  • Tannlegerlift in Brand
  • Melkbodenlift in Brand
  • Schedlerhoflift in Brand
  • Tschenglalift in Bürserberg
  • Faregglift in Bürserberg

More information on the individual cableways

Wishing you a warm "Grüß Gott" from the Brandnertal

It's said that if you are surrounded by beauty every day, you stop appreciating it. This is why we feel pretty lucky that our workplace continues to amaze us every single day, and we never forget to recognise the privilege right in front of our eyes. You never know how the mountains might appear on any given day; at times majestic, at times picturesque, at times wild and unpredictable. If you want to experience this for yourself, we might have a job for you.

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