Vorarlberger Museumswelt

Reduced with guest cardReduced with guest card


Vorarlberger Museumswelt

In addition to the State Fire Brigade Museum, the Vorarlberg Hunting Museum, an Electric Museum and a Rescue Museum, the Tobacco Museum and the Grammophonicum can now be visited.

Opening hours:
In the period from 01.05. - 31.10.2019 the museum is open from Wednesday to Saturday between 13:00 o'clock & 17:00 o'clock.

Price without guest card: € 8,- per adult and € 4,- per child (children under 6 years are free).
Price with guest card: € 6,- per adult and € 3,- per child

With the Alpenregion Guest Card (valid for the valleys of Bludenz, Klostertal and Brandnertal) and the Walser Guest Card you receive € 2,- reduction per adult and € 1,- reduction per child on admission to the museum.

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