VAL BLU indoor swimming pool

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VAL BLU indoor swimming pool

The bathing pleasure can be pursued in three different pools at VAL BLU. In the 25 m pool, permanent swimmers also have headroom. The out and inlets are blue lagoons for those who prefer to be pampered by partial and full-body massage jets or the large geyser.

Relaxation and experience world:
The large pool is divided by the panoramic jetty. Here, those in need of rest and active people do not get in each other's way. The water grotto behind the water curtain is the basis for the high plateau - an island for discreet meetings. The winter garden is something like a beach in the house. It offers a panoramic view of the VAL BLU park and the mountain world of the Rätikon.

50 % reduction with the Alpenregion Guest Card (valid for the valleys of Bludenz, Klostertal and Brandnertal) and Walser Guest Card.

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