Stuttgarter Hütte


Stuttgarter Hütte

Opening hours and offers may vary due to Covid-19. Please contact us directly.

The Stuttgarter Hütte is expected to be open from 13 June to the end of September.

The Stuttgarter Hütte is an alpine club hut in the Valluga group of the Lechtal Alps. The hut is located at an altitude of 2310 m about 10 km southwest of Steeg on the border to Vorarlberg. The Stuttgarter Hütte is located on the famous Adlerweg and Lechtaler Höhenweg. The Stuttgarter Hütte has large mattress dormitories as well as smaller multi-bed rooms and an emergency winter camp. Numerous impressive peaks such as the Valluga or the Roggspitze are located in the immediate vicinity of the Stuttgarter Hütte. There are several ways up to the Stuttgarter Hütte. The easiest ones start in Zürs or Lech at the Rüfikopfbahn mountain station. The walking time to the Alpenvereinshütte is about two hours.

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