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Weizer Mullbratlfest

Styrian direct marketers present Styrian delicacies, wine and music at the Weizer Mulbratlfest. 
The market participants, all from the district of Weiz in the Styrian hill country, present Styrian delicacies - above all the "Mulbratl": The Mulbratl is the loin, the loin of pork. Stained, air-dried and smoked, it is sliced very thinly and served with horseradish and farmer's bread. Styrian specialities also include fruit juices, award-winning must and seed oil, fine spirits, beekeeping products, apple truffles and trifter bread. Styrian cuisine is offered with Steirer schnitzel - a schnitzel with pumpkin seed breadcrumbs - pumpkin seed sausage, Weizer Kraftwürstel, pumpkin seed oil and egg dish.

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