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Verein allerArt: exhibition Heidrun Sandbichler

Exhibition Ingmar Alge
Location: Remise Bludenz, Galerie allerArt
Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday, Sundays and public holidays from 15.00 to 18.00 hrs.
Exhibition period: 20 September to 9 November 2019
Opening of the exhibition: 19 September 2019 at 20:00 hrs
Organizer: Verein allerArt,,

"The impression of strange familiarity or familiar strangers comes from many pictures of Ingmar Alges. . . ... the contradiction between banality and deep imprint creates a kind of tension that almost imperceptibly lends Alges' works a kind of meta-level." (Ulrich Clewing, in Ingmar Alge, Painting 2001 02 03, Dachau 2004,13). This quotation by Ulrich Clewin refers to a series of about 70 works in which Ingmar Alge has dealt with the motif of single-family houses in Vorarlberg, but this statement is just as true for a series of works that deals with the subject of flight, people in motion, refugees, business people, travelers. In a series of portraits created since 2017, this impression is created by the conscious blurring of the eye area, by anonymizing it. In Bludenz, Ingmar Alge presents works from a newly developed series in which the artist dares to take a look from the future to the present, showing fractures and cracks. "Who we were", from the text by Roger Willemsen, is a source of inspiration for this investigation. Ingmar Alge lives and works in Höchst and Dornbirn.

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