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On the occasion of Getzner's 200th anniversary, the Bludenz Film & Video Club presents the film "200 Years of Getzner" every Friday in Bludenzer Stadthaus 38. Thanks to meticulous research and a great deal of attention to detail, the film offers comprehensive insights into the moving history of the company.
 In the course of the successful exhibition on 200 years of Getzner in the Bludenzer Stadthaus 38, the founder house of Getzner, Mutter & Cie., visitors can now look forward to an exciting weekly film presentation.
 Using meticulous research and a great deal of attention to detail, the film and video club Bludenz has comprehensively dealt with the impressive path of the company steeped in history. The end product can undoubtedly be "seen" in the truest sense of the word and promises a successful insight into 200 years of innovation, zest for action and the courage to change.
 Both the historian and archivist Manfred A. Getzner and the Getzner Group Executive Board were very impressed by the idea and the courageous project of the Film Club team and gave the green light. Research, however, was the first major hurdle for the passionate filmmakers when it came to the subject of image material, and from that time it was simply impossible to find any photos at all, if at all. "First a script was created with great effort, then the research began. Especially the pictorial material from the 19th century was scarce or almost non-existent, so we decided to reenact some scenes from the Wilhelminian era. This was a huge challenge to remain authentic - locations, costumes, props, everything had to fit", describes Ing. Werner Scheffknecht, chairman of the film and video club Bludenz. Also the recordings in the spinning mill Linz Textil in Landeck and especially in the bleaching department were very elaborate. The finished film was finally presented at the beginning of September.

The special addition to the anniversary exhibition can now be seen every Friday at 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. on the 4th floor of the Gründerhaus in Werdenbergerstraße 38 - a must for every film fan.

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