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Stadtmusik Bludenz: Jubiläums-Parkfest 2018

The Stadtmusik Bludenzcelebrates a round anniversary in 2018 - the 170th birthday will be the focusof attention this summer. For their 170th birthday, the Town Musicians are nowmaking themselves a present - they are organising a two-day park festival on 14and 15 July in Plettenbergpark in front of the primary school in Bludenz Mitte.In addition to large processions with friendly bands from home and abroad, the"Brazer Böhmische" and "3lagig" on Saturday and"KaZit" and "Davenna7" on Sunday will provide theatmosphere at the park festival.
A marquee with a separate grape arbor will be built especially for this anniversary. Thus, the festivities takes place in all weathers.

On Saturday, the Jubilee Park Festival starts at 18:00 with a festive procession of friendly brass bands from the town hall to the Plettenbergpark.
The Brazer Bohemian and then the mood band "3lagig" provide for mood and entertainment starting from 19:00.
After the musical encirclement of the festival on Sunday from 10:30 by the youth wind orchestra MUSIKFABRIK then plays the
SHW mountain chapel Wasseralfingen for morning pint. The absolute highlight on Sunday is the parade from 13:30, which is also from
Town Hall leads to the Plettenbergpark. KaZit and Davenna 7 then ensure a festive atmosphere.
Comes and celebrates 2 days with free admission 170 years Stadtmusik Bludenz.


SATURDAY, 14th of July:
6:00 pm Festumzug from the town hall to the Plettenbergpark with befriended music clubs from the Surroundings.
From 19:00 o'clock play the Brazer Bohemian, then the band provides 3-layer for mood.

SUNDAY, 15th of July:
10:30 am Festmesse, framed by the MusikFabrik (Youth Orchestra Bludenz-Bürs), afterwards plays the SHW mountain band Wasseralfingen.
1.30 pm big parade from the town hall to the Plettenbergpark with neighboring and friendly people
Music clubs.
From 14:00, KaZit and Davenna 7 will provide entertainment and a dignified ending to the Jubilee Park festival.

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