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Pfiffikus toddler concert series: 'Dancing on the clouds'

Pfiffikus toddler concert series:
"Dancing on the clouds"

Pfiffikus is ready! This time it has to work: one deep breath, then push firmly with your legs and fully spread your arms. Float weightlessly over the roofs, sail over green treetops and play hide and seek in the clouds, that is the dream of flying and Pfiffikus dreams of it every night. Howling and roaring, the trio Pfiffikus dance their way into the air and together they come closer and closer to their dreams. The longing for flying, whether it remains just a dream? An imaginative staging with music to listen to, sounds to swing along, instruments to touch and an atmosphere to enjoy. Finally, the young audience can try out the instruments for themselves and take the experiences home with them with coloring pictures of “Ballerina”, “Vokalina” and “Pfiffikus”.

Philip Haas "Pfiffikus"
Concept, trumpet, singing, dance

Veronika Prünster "Vokalina"
Concept, flute, singing, dancing

Esther Planton "Ballerina"
Concept, piano, singing, dance

Admission: Combined ticket (1 adult + 1 child) € 16 | each additional child € 6 | each additional adult € 12

Date: 20/09/2022 Location: Remise

Please note the actually valid Corona guidelines.

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