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Pfiffikus: 'Tanzen auf den Wolken'

Pfiffikus is ready, this time it has to work: a deep breath, then push off firmly with your legs, spreading your arms completely. Hovering weightlessly over the roofs, sailing over green treetops and playing hide and seek in the clouds, that's the dream of flying and Pfiffikus dreams about it every night. Howling and roaring, the trio Pfiffikus dance themselves into the air and together they come closer and closer to their dreams. The longing to fly, whether it remains just a dream? An imaginative production with music to listen to, sounds to resonate with, instruments to touch and an atmosphere to enjoy. After the concert, instruments may also be tried out, the trio "Pfiffikus" will help you.

Date: 01 December 2020

Place: Remise

Costs: 16€ are for the combined ticket (1 adult+1child) each additional child 6€ each additional adult 12€ The event takes place in the seating circle, the child sits on the lap of the parents.

Duration of the VA: 35 minutes (50 minutes incl. trying out the instruments)

Free choice of seats

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