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Pfiffikus: 'Spielen auf der Blumenwiese'

It creeps and flees, it clacks and cracks, it hums and buzzes: nature is full of sounding adventures and the perfect playground for the Trio Pfiffikus! Buzzing bees, singing frogs, ringing daisies, coughing earthworms and bubbling dancing fish are just waiting to be discovered, ready to jump into the cool water? An imaginative staging for listening, marvelling, humming and dancing together. After the concert, instruments can be tried out, the trio "Pfiffikus" will help you.

Date: September 22nd, 2020

Place: Remise

Costs: 16€ are for the combined ticket (1 adult+1child) each additional child 6€ each additional adult 12€ The event takes place in the seating circle, the child sits on the lap of the parents.

Duration of the VA: 35 minutes (50 minutes incl. trying out the instruments)

Free choice of seats

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