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Geschichtsverein Regio Bludenz: Präsentation Broschüre 'Stadtlabor Bludenz'

Brochure "City Laboratory Bludenz. A future for the Stadtmuseum" and the initiative "Stadtlabor digital".

In 2018, the historical association Bludenz started a process to create space for the development of ideas for the future of the city museum. This process includes events and initiatives as well as documentation in the form of a brochure. The focus should be on the future and as many actors as possible should be addressed.

The declared aim is to grow a new museum for the city of bludenz in the coming years in an open and broad-based approach. Not only different people, but also different places in the city of Bludenz will be involved.

First results will be presented on this evening. On the one hand, a brochure has been produced in recent months in the course of the accompanying events and on the other hand, a new Internet platform will be presented to the public with which "Bludenz knowledge" will be collected on a broad basis in the future.

The project does not pursue the goal of merely organizing short-term "events" or of cheaply visiting a new city museum. Rather, a broad and reflective approach is intended to pave the way for a future that is new for Vorarlberg.

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